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Week 30 2013 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

image Batman/Superman #2


This was certainly a very confusing issue. Here is Batman/Superman issue two, taking up where it left off, the two heroes find themselves thrown into realities that are not their own. Instead, each reality is set in an alternate future. The cause is an entity that not only has the ability to control (as it did with Catwoman in issue one) but also the ability to warp reality itself. In the reality revolving Batman, he is married to Catwoman and in the reality revolving Superman, the Kent’s are alive and he is married to Lois Lane. Theworld as a whole is also just too perfect – Gotham is sparkling! The biggest issue with this issue is the fact that the narratives were just too confusing to follow. At least withSuperman there was a costume difference to differentiate the two but as for the Batman reality, no difference. Granted, it highlights the writers’ talent in being able to keep true to the characters and their essence, but it was just too confusing to follow sometimes. Despite that, it was still interesting to read with exceptional artwork. The sharp angularfinishes were beautiful and the inking was great. The shading was great, adding to the smooth texture of the comic. The artwork is simply flawless.

As far as the plot goes, the plot is clear even if the narrative wasn’t and adding Wonder Woman into the mix was a brilliant move. She attacks the entity in Lois mercilessly and beautifully, being the strong Amazonian we all know and love. Even her costume design was brilliant, similar to that of Golden Age Wonder Woman. I’m hooked.



image Superman #22


The H.I.V.E. Queen has kidnapped Superman…as usual. Now this is a story that was beat into the ground before the new 52, the last instance being Lana Lang becoming infected and becoming the H.I.V.E. Queen and kidnapping Superman. That being said, the new take on the H.I.V.E. is quite interesting. The H.I.V.E. members, including the Queen, are twenty beings left behind by Brainiac, remnants waiting for his return. Not only that but Hector Hammond has been added to the mix and has taken over the H.I.V.E., except for the Queen who is pretty pissed. Hector is going against all the great plans she had in store for the return of her father, Brainiac. Enter the Psionic War! A battle that Superman cannot win with any of his physical abilities which makes the story all the worthwhile. Another great thing that the writer did here was make Cat Grant partners with Clark Kent. The pair of them are working together! Cat Grant actually has a likable personality, and dresses respectable as well, not only that but she seems to respect Clark, something she lacked before the reboot. In fact, before the reboot she dressed like a slut, didn’t care much for real news and was a total b**** to everyone. The way her character has changed had been for the better. I’m a fan already of her. No complaints, easy to follow issue, plot line is clear and concise and builds a lot of tension within it because to Psionic attacks, Superman is helpless.




image The Flash #22

Reverse Part 2

Iris West is getting her own Flash costume…that bothers me. I’m a big Patty-Barry shipper (mainly due to the fact that in Flashpoint she proved herself to be a hero in her own right out of her love for Barry). No offense to Iris I never really liked the fact that she and Barry were together because it wasn’t original, it was a Superman cop-out and the storyI think should stay away from that direction. Another reason it bothers me is that before the new 52 there were, I believe, 6 heroes who has the same exact ability as Barry. We have three speedsters, I think that is enough. Granted he is giving her the suite to protect her from the Reverse-Flash who is hunting all of those touched by the Speed Force. Iris just doesn’t seem to stand out as character, but luckily the writers here have given her a slight edge by introducing her into the Speed Force and infecting her in such a way with the Speed Force.

That being said, it was a good issue. I love what Manapul and Buccellato are doing with the Flash. He is a boy scout, but he is also unique and a great character in the DC Universe. Not the mention the way they have introduced the Reverse-Flash and drawn him up as a villain was magnificent! This person is a true villain and he looks it too. He looked like aReverse-Flash; he already fascinates me. My only hope is that it is not Professor Zoom. Please for the love of god, not him!



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