Week 30 2013 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

image Justice League Dark #22

Trinity War: Chapter 3: House of Cards

Seriously, who the heck even likes Amanda Waller?! No one. She’s a manipulating, cold, stupid, cruel, evil b****! This character has no appealing attributes whatsoever! I mean really, no one likes her! At least no one I have ever met or had the chance of talking to at a comic shop. Why is she alive! She should die, I say just give her up to replace Doctor Light. But that’s beside the point…somewhat.

Something has happened to Superman here. If you’ve been following the Trinity War thus far you know that he is responsible for the death of Doctor Light, except no one believes it, I mean it’s Superman, the big blue boy scout. Not only that but he seems to be dying as well. This leads the superheroes to split into three factions. Wonder Woman is leading a team, against the belief of Batman & Phantom Stranger, to find Pandora and the Box. Batman and Phantom Stranger are leading a team to search for answers, beginning with Doctor Light, so to the land of the dead they go! And then with Superman, they have learned that Doctor Psycho may have manipulated what happened in Kandaq, so teaming up with the Question there they go. So the trinity has been and the super hero teams have been divided. It’s intense! It’s action packed and has the greatest witty banter out there. Green Arrow is awesome and so is Colonel Trevor!

Despite the awesomeness in the division of teams and how this is working out I find myself asking one thing: does DC even know what they are doing here?



image Constantine #5

Trinity War Interlude: Stealing Thunder

Constantine is such a jerk. Picking up where Trinity War Chapter 3 left off with Constantine and Shazam walking off and out of the House of Mystery and into a bar. But the whole reason I say that he is a colossal jerk is due to the fact that he tricked Billy and then preceded to steal his powers. Then again, he wouldn’t be Constantine if he wasn’t a jerk insome way while remaining charismatic in some way. His dry humor and blunt honesty is also an appealing side to his characters, making him the more human of all the superheroes outthere.

Now back onto the actual issue. Aside from the pair entering this comic from another, the story doesn’t add much to the Trinity War action going on. That didn’t take away from thecomic itself in anyway. The humor was still there and the plot for this issue was well developed, but if you’re reading Trinity War and wondering if it’s necessary that you pick this one up, at the moment it’s not.



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