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image Teen Titans #22

Dark Titans

The Teen Titans have been possessed by Trigon, all except Red Robin, Beast Boy and Raven who must stand together and defeat the Teen Titans. Now, it was a good comic until the end, but even though I have issues with the ending, it was realistic. It was a fast-paced issue with the Teen Titans battling one another. Now, although my personal bias in this series is Red Robin (Tim Drake), Beast Boy was just amazing! That is the Gar we all know and love, talkative and the perfect comic relief. The dialogue in this issue was amazing and truly captured who the characters are. What it also did was give us some insight into Kid Flash and the unknown darkness within him, something we are sure to find out more about in the next issue. It also showed us why Red Robin has been a bit of a dick lately…Trigon was messing with him, possessing him and controlling his actions. Thank god! No more messing with my Tim Drake!

As far as the artwork goes, it’s okay, but the art team before this arc was ten times better. This one just seems a little…too texturized. Also putting clothes on Solstice in the end when she has never worn clothes before looked a little ridiculous. And I miss the gold shimmer on Wonder Girls costume, it was so reminiscent of Donna Troy’s black and silver costume. In any case, good issue but that ending on the boat could have been done a little better. But it shows that when you mess up you can’t keep everything hidden and secret forever.



image Red Hood and the Outlaws #22

Dangerous People

That last page with Roy was just hilarious! I could not take it seriously because it was just too comical. Now as far as the story goes, Kori is a more likable character than she initially started as. Here she is going head to head with Essence to get some answers about the Untitled, the All-Caste, the League of Assassins and why Jason Todd is so darn important to them. It piques the interest of the reader to try to find out how an amnesiac guy is the key to everything. All the madness going on with Jason Todd is getting in the way of the bromance between Roy and Jason placing them on separate sides of the fight between the Untitled and the All-Caste.

Now, even though the story is well developed, structurally sound and held together with very good character development, it’s a little too convoluted. In this issue, everything asthrown at the reader and it’s jumping around between the characters to capture the story as a whole.

The best part of this issue was Chesire, presenting herself as the comic relief of the villains, something she never was before. Creating an interest between herself and Roy it sets up a path that DC fans are familiar with – their tragic love story, because really what superhero with a dark side doesn’t fall in love with a villain.





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