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Week 31 2013 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

image Batman Annual #2


Interesting issue. A Year Zero tie in that shows Bruce’s connection to one of the oldest villains here, the Anchoress who wasn’t really a villain at all, just a girl who loved science which resulted in the death of her parents. So she went to Arkham Asylum to see treatment, asylum and to atone to her mistakes. However, she soon grows to hate Bruce because first, she catches Bruce being a thief at Arkham, which caused her to be violent and have the nurses lock her up, but then her sanctuary turned into a prison and her treatment was all but forgotten. And that left her with a burning hatred for the Batman.

But the most impactful part of this issue was the part where she, the Anchoress, got into Bruce’s head and made him relive the most traumatic moments of his life…the death of his parents, his “brother” and lastly, the death of his son. That moment was heart wrenching and made me want to cry all over again. Powerful issue, a little cheesy with the new orderly near the end, but overall a very good issue.




image Aquaman #22

Death of a King Part 4

So Aquaman is not the true King of Atlantis, and that means that neither is his brother. Dum dum dum! As Aquaman ventures to the Bermuda Triangle to save his beloved Mera his guard is venturing to land to rescue their king, Aquaman’s half-brother, Orm and humans have invaded Atlantis. It’s a big whole mess with all the sea dwellers and to match all that madness, Mera’s own people will not stand by her. Turns out, they are related to the Dead King of Atlantis…the rightful king. So at the moment, Mera and Aquaman stand-alone against anarmy…they got this right?

Really a good issue ad Geoff Johns has made Aquaman super cool! He is awesome and this series is awesome. It’s non-stop action coupled with a great story line per arc as well as agreat compilation of characters. Easily one of the best series being written in the DC Universe.




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