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Justice League of America #7

Trinity War: Chapter 4

This latest issue sums up what has been happening in the previous issues and tis all the factions together. Starting off with Lex Luthor, who is clearly pissed that someone is framing Superman, the story sets up the plot line and scenario with Pandora going after him in order to give him the box in order to close it shut. But with Wonder Woman on her trail, I guess you can imagine how good that goes. Wonder Woman gets her hands on the box, but after that, everything goes to hell.

In the meantime, while all that madness is happening and Pandora is trying to guard to box from Wonder Woman, Col. Trevor, Green Lantern, Flash, Vibe and Catwoman are trying to get into the House of Mystery, where the Phantom Stranger vanished with Batman, Katana and Deadman. None of their attacks are working, but Catwoman tries another tactic. Leave it to a thief to figure out how to talk to a house and get them inside. In fact, leave it to Catwoman to show up the guys. Like a boss! That was great.

The writing was great and each character narrative captured the characters perfectly. Oh, and the artwork was amazing! Flawless, especially on Wonder Woman.




Justice League Dark #23

Trinity War: Chapter 5

Another great addition to the Trinity War. The reason for that was the issue is mainly centered on Madam Xanadu, and once again we are seeing through her eyes the events as they unfold. I love that! If you’ve been following, you know that Madam Xanadu has been kidnapped by the Secret Society of Villains because she can see past everything and thus the future.

Part 4 left off with Pandora’s Box in the hands of Wonder Woman, turning her in a maniacal villain. It being Wonder Woman, you can imagine that it was not easy for the heroes to take her down. But the moment Shazam touched the box, he touched every magical being in the world, and then some. His touch even affected Dr. Fate and Andrew Bennett! But he also touched Deadman which allowed him to locate Madam Xanadu while she is induced with her own power.

As for the fight for the box, it started to turn everyone, luring the seven sins to the scene as the continually began to affect the heroes, tainting them making them all want the box. Luckily, the box has no effect on Constantine and Zatana was slik enoughto use her backwards magic to protect herself. Now, why didn’t any of them think of that before?

Anyway, it was a good issue. The writing was solid and the way the box was affecting all the heroes and Lex was brilliant. The dialogue wasn’t repetitious considering they all wanted the same thing, instead it was unique to each character and their own desires. It also wasn’t cliché, thankfully. But now the Society has been revealed and they have the Box and Xanadu who has revealed that the box is not a prison, but instead a doorway. Oh plot twist, how I adore them.




Trinity War: Pandora #3

Kick The Flood

This story takes place during the fight the heroes are having with one another over Pandora’s Box. Throughout this fight, Pandora can see the sins who call her mother as they taint the heroes pushing them to fight more and more. This leads Pandora to explore the teachings she has learned in her time as an immortal, all the lessons and wisdoms he sought so that she could fight the evil she unleashed onto the world. We meet three of her teachers in three different centuries who all gave her the skills she has to fight the evil. However, it’s not until she faces her own inner demons that she is able to fight, and kill at least one deadly sin.

Now, that was unexpected but oh so very cool.

The Pandora comic series is very cool. The writing and the fact that DC comics decided to bring alive the myth of the evil in the world was a good move. I’m not sure the trinity war needed to happen only after 2 years of the last reboot, but the writing and the story isn’t lacking. It brings to light a lot of demons that all the characters have and is delivering quite the epic fight.





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