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Week 38 2013 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews


Batman & Robin #23.3 – Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins

The Demon’s Tower

Interesting issue here. As villains month continues, Batman and Robin brings us a story featuring the one and only Ra’s Al Ghul, the man who is the grandfather to the unfortunately recently deceased Damien Wayne. I still remember the issue where he sent Ninja’s after Damien. Damien said “Really Grandfather, ninja’s?” It was hilarious. But that is so off topic. In this issue one of the villains, not sure who he is, has been sent by the Crime Syndicate to invite him into the Secret Society, where Ra’s Al Ghul plainly tells him to impress him, to tell him if he knows who he is and what the Society can possibly offer him.

He reminds me of Moriarty with Batman being the great detective resembling Sherlock Holmes. Now that I actually rite that it seems kind of obvious that the writers would emulate that sort of relationship. Sorry for being late on that uptake, I’m sure to many of you it was an obvious comparison.

But I digress, needless to say, Ra’s Al Ghul is less than impressed and, much like Moriarty, isn’t convinced that the great Batman is dead, and he’s just waiting for the return of the man who is his greatest foe.

This issue also shows us a lot about Ra’s history, the travels and the mechanisms that he has put in place.




Teen Titans #23.2 – Deathstroke

Lord of War

Unleashing the one and only Deathstroke! Deathstorke has always been one of those villains that is easy to hate, but another one that has a great story behind him that makes you want to read all about him. This issue does just that, except for the fact that it’s not easy to hate him.

Nothing in this issue makes you want to hate him. It gives us his story, from the beginning to the end and the writers have even given him some sort of moral compass, something he has never had before. That was certainly a twist.

This issue also eludes to the beginnings of Rose, his daughter, stipulating that she will be the one and only Ravager.

However considering the events that took place in Ravagers, and considering there was a Rose existing there, it makes her story a bit confusing. But that is in regards to her. As far as Slade is concerned, this was a good issue that gives us insight into his character and that gives us an idea of why he is such a threat to the Teen Titans. He is there number one villain so that’s cool.



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