Month: October 2013

PS4 doesn’t support external storage

By: Eddie Makuch The PlayStation 4 will not support external storage, Sony confirmed today as part of an “ultimate” FAQ about the next-generation console posted on the PlayStation Blog. “No, this feature is not supported on PS4,” Sony said. The PS4 will, however, feature a 500GB hard drive that can be swapped out if the replacement meets various criteria. “PS4 is equipped with a 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive. Users can choose to install a new hard drive so long as []

PlanetSide 2 on PS4 pushed to 2014

By: Eddie Makuch Sony Online Entertainment’s free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter PlanetSide 2 will not be available at the PlayStation 4 launch next month, president John Smedley has revealed. In an interview with Bloomberg TV (via CVG), Smedley confirmed that the PS4 version of PlanetSide 2 will be able in “early 2014.” “We’re actually helping the Sony PlayStation 4 launch on November 15 by having our free-to-play game DC Universe Online actually come to the PlayStation 4 for its launch. And []

Sega bringing Sonic, Ecco, and Streets of Rage to 3DS’ 3D Classics range

By: Martin Gaston Sega has announced that it will be releasing eight remastered titles into Nintendo’s 3D Classics range on the 3DS eShop. The retro games have been tweaked to make use of the handheld’s 3D effect, and will include Genesis classics Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin, and Streets of Rage, among others. Nintendo has previously released some of its own titles, including Kid Icarus and Excitebike, as 3D Classics. Titles will be sold individually at a price of $5.99/£4.49/€4.49, being []

Week 43 2013 | Part 4 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A. Justice League #24 Forever Strong The origin of Ultraman!  Oh but first, isn’t that an awesome cover?  I thought so. Anyway!  All right, so here we really got to see just how opposite Earth 3 really is, from beginning to end.  Not only was his upbringing different, both pair of his parents were completely different than everything on Earth 1.  It was certainly illuminating how that world turned out and showed us more about Ultraman and why he sniffs []

Tuesday Night TV (29 Oct 2013) | TV Reviews

By:Cynthia A. Genre: Supernatural drama, Horror, Fantasy Starring: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Daniella Pineda, Leah Pipes & Danielle Campbell “Sinners and Saints”:  That was a good episode that actually made me feel for Devina for once.  Not only that, it took away whatever sympathy I had for the Witche’s and as for Elijah, god how I missed him.  It seems to me that the originals, well Klaus and Elijah, are finding women in their lives []

Week 43 2013 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A. Supergirl #24 Death Becomes Her Talk about power.  Supergirl was rocking it in this issue.  She was amazing.  In the collective, she took control over them, she took control over the collective.  She took over the collective and sought out Cyborg Superman, who just happened to be her father.  That was certainly an unexpected twist.  And while he is trying to give his daughter back his body and return to being half of a being, Brianiac is attacking the []

Monday Night TV (28 Oct 2013) | TV Reviews

By: Cynthia A. Genre: Crime drama Starring: James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Egg  old, Ilfenesh Hadera, Parminder Nagra & Harry Lennix “Gina Zanetakos”: Oh my God that was great episode.  I have to quote Robert Bianco of USA Today: “The Blacklist is a solid weekly crime show built around a genuine TV star.” James Spader steals the show week after week, his character is captivating and his subplots build such an mystery and build the intrigue wondering keeping the viewer wondering []

Valkyrie Rising | Book Review

Review By: Cynthia A. By: Ingrid Paulson Published: October 9, 2012  Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher Genre:  Mythology, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy 16-year old Ellie had planned for a simple vacation.  Visit her grandmother in Norway and get a head start on her summer reading in a small town where the days were long and slow.  And hopefully get out from under her far to perfect brother Graham.  But Norway is not how she remembered it.  Young men have been []

Week 43 2013 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A. The Flash #24 Reverse Conclusion Other than the writing, the best part of this comic is the artwork.  The angular finishes make it look so animated, so full of life, something we need in the comic book world.  Although it is only a comic book, the narrative and way the artwork flows from page to page make it seem as though I am watching a Saturday morning cartoon.  The dialogue is good, and the narrative, both bring to life []

Dark Souls II PS3 network test delayed

By: Eddie Makuch Namco Bandai has indefinitely delayed the Dark Souls II network test in North and South America, the developer wrote on its Facebook page earlier this morning. “Due to unforeseen issues, the North and South American PS3 Dark Souls Network Test has been indefinitely delayed,” Namco wrote. “We thoroughly apologize for the inconvenience and will be rescheduling the test so that everyone who downloaded the client can participate for the full duration.” “Again, we are very sorry. We’ll know more []