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Week 39 2013 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews


Action Comics #23.3 – Lex Luthor

Up Up and Away!

This issue shows everything we already know about Lex Luthor. No, this is not an origin story. Instead, this story picks up upon his release from prison and the constant thought of where Superman is because he thinks Superman is obsessed with him. He’s not wrong, let’s face it, the pair of them are as obsessed with each other as Batman is with the Joker and vice versa. So because Superman is MIA, Lex puts into a series of events to try and bring him out in the open, while sacrificing a few lives as well. Oh Lex, does your God complex know no bounds? We all no the answer to that is a big fat no.

Anyway, this was a well written issue, it told a story without being to extravagant and remaining interesting. It focused more on the character Lex Luthor and his psyche instead of just his maniacal justification for wanted Superman dead. But we all know Superman can’t die because then Lex Luthor’s greatest appointment would be gone and no one else is worthy of his time.





Justice League of America #7.3 – Shadow Thief

Circles of Deceit

Her costume looks way cooler on the inside than it does on the cover. Also, they made her look a lot like Inque from Batman Beyond. On the cover it’s not obvious because they are showing a lot of skin but in the interior artwork she looks incredibly different.

Shadow Thief started out as a government Spy who was against the use of humans using alien technology. In fact, she’s not fond of aliens period, but she follows orders, that is until she discovered A.R.G.U.S.’s dark secret. Turns out her superior, was an alien and had sent her on a mission to retrieve something that would mean the end of all humanity, and flat out admitted to her that that biochemical weapon was going to be used to destroy humans. Well that set her off, along with the death of her mother and younger brother. So now, she has made it her own personal project to keep alien weaponry out of the hands of humans and she will kill whoever stands in her way.

Very interesting the way they have created this character. There is a lot of similarity between her and the Batman Beyond character, but there is a significant difference that makes this character likable. The idea is a very grounded in reality idea: the government created a weapon and now the weapon is rogue. Her personality and her background bring together a very interesting story.




Justice League #23.4 – Secret Society

The Wild Card

Here we have the formation of the secret society. The story begins with Owlman (still a lame name) looking for Talon, his Robin, as he chases down the Joker who wants to free Gotham from the tyranny of Owlman. With that in mind, we don’t really see how evil has control in Earth-3 unfortunately. As an audience, we know that Owlman is evil, but we really don’t see how. Instead, the writers have focused on giving him a sense of honor, one that Earth-3 Alfred disagrees with, especially since Owlman wants to bring Nightwing over to the dark side. Had to make the joke guys, sorry. That will probably be an attempt in futility because Nightwing is a boy scout, like Superman.

A very well written issue that showed us a bit of history of Owlman with some very good narrative. Alfred is narrating the comic, giving us piece by piece of why Owlman is full of guilt and grief, as well as why he is alone and why he is evil and part of the Crime Syndicate. He likes to control things by any means possible. He’s more like Batman than we might think.



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