By: Becky Robinson

On August 25 in Walton County, Florida, a man shot MommaCat in cold blood right in front of her caregivers. Even as they begged him to stop, he ignored them and shot her again.

A Walton County police officer responded and refused to do anything. And despite a clear case of animal cruelty and pressure from Alley Cat Allies and thousands of citizens, the Sheriff’s Department declined to charge the shooter.

This killing was among the most reprehensible things I’ve ever heard of… and officials turned a blind eye.

In the past year alone we’ve seen cases like this in Florida, Ohio, and Louisiana. Often, public officials fail to act, carrying out one last inhumane act against the murdered cat.

We need to send a message to all public officials: killing cats is a crime. It must be treated like one.

Click here to stand with us in demanding justice for MommaCat and other cats who have been intentionally killed. Tell local officials that the heinous killing of cats must be investigated, and anti-cruelty laws must be enforced. Cats deserve justice.

The officer that responded in Walton County told the caregivers “no criminal act was committed.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no gray area in the law. This is a crime.

It’s illegal in Florida—and in every other state. Every state plus the District of Columbia has laws against animal cruelty that clearly make killing any cat, whether she’s someone’s pet or a feral cat living outdoors, a crime.

What’s scary, though, is that this can still happen anywhere, and it does. We have to make sure our officials know we will not stand by while cats are intentionally killed. Cats deserve better. And violence against animals is strongly linked to violence against people. Failing to prosecute cases of animal cruelty is a dangerous threat to public health.

Add your voice to our call for local authorities to prosecute acts of animal cruelty to the fullest extent of the law for all domestic cats—whether the cats killed are pets, stray, or feral.

Speak out with us.

Source: Alley Cat Allies

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