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Sunday Night TV (13 Oct 2013) | TV Reviews

imageGenre: Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Mystery, Comedy-drama

Starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, Robert Carlyle, Raphael Sbarge, Jamie Dornan, Eoin Bailey, Meghan Ory, Emile de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue & Michael Raymond-James

“Quite a Common Fairy”:  I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!  If you say otherwise you will kill one and will insight their wrath.  Fairies are not beings to be trifled with.  But we all know that don’t we?  Anyway introduced here on Neverland is the one and only Tinkerbell.  I never really liked the blue fairy and I really hate her now.  The writers have turned the blue fairy into a self-righteous you know what.  She took away tink’s wings because she wanted to help Regina find love so that the darkness around her would vanish.  But no, the Blue Fairy said no because there was darkness around her.  It’s a very narrow-minded point of view if you ask me.  Here we got to see another side of Regina, there scared vulnerable side and we got to see who her soul mate would be, Robin Hood.  That’s exciting!  Well, I thought it was exciting.  As far as the script goes though it’s becoming very tiresome with all the arguing and Regina constantly saying they should use magic.  Granted it’s her clutch and we all see just how scared and reliant she is on it, but after three weeks there needs to be a change.  And also, something else was revealed in Peter Pan.  Neverland is dying because people aren’t believing.  This is his home, why he kidnaps believers.  He’s trying to find a way to keep his home alive and that has made him incredibly angry.  Can’t say that I blame him though.  Exciting and still thrilling, just remember to keep believing or you may clip someone’s wings.  Sundays @ 8PM (EST) on ABC.

image Genre: Legal drama, political drama

Starring: Julianna Marguiles, Matt Czuchry, Archie Panjabi, Graham Philips, Makenzie Vega, Alan Cumming, Zah Grenier, Josh Charles & Christine Baranski

“A Precious Commodity”:  I don’t like Will, I mean he is a leech, a real big leech and wants to control everything, including his fellow managing partners.  And now since Diane gave a damaging interview of the firm, he wants to push her out.  So finally, finally with all the drama ensuing, Alicia is finally able to see him for the leech that he is.  She has made her final decision that she is leaving Lockhart, Gardner to start her own firm with Cary who is way more charismatic than he was in the previous seasons.

This show has phenomenal writing and creates wonderful tension that the actors capture wonderfully.  The plot lines vary in several different ways within the law firm and outside you see her act like a mother and a wife.  This show is about her struggling to balance all those jobs together while remaining true to herself and making herself happy.  That dynamic is amazing and Julianna Marguiles is an amazing actress.  Sundays @ 9PM (EST) on CBS.

image Genre: Police Procedural, Comedy-drama

Starring: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Ti Kang, Owai Yeoman & Amanda Righetti

“Wedding in Red”:  The couple finally got married!  It was adorable and fun and amazing.  Jane as it turns out is an ordained minister.  Strangely enough that does not surprise me.

Well written episode that continue to builds up to the conclusion of who Red John is.  There are 6 suspects left in this story and the clues and hints make them all viable suspects.  I can’t seem to figure out which one is the one, but that’s half the fun.  We have been on this journey with Jane since the beginning, since his life was finally targeted by Red John, an action that has turned his life upside down.  It had been the precipice that drives him.  My question is, what is he going to do once it’s done and over with, when he finally figures out who Red John is and does away with him?  Despite everything that has happened t him, he has continued to grow, has been able to find the person he once was, the charismatic con man who found love, a wife, and had a daughter.  It’s been an incredible fun and heartwarming journey.  Personally I love it but I’m very excited to see who Red John is already.  Sundays @ 10PM (EST) on CBS.

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