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Lineage II expansion Valiance revealed

By: Eddie Makuch

NCSoft today announced Valiance, the latest expansion for free-to-play massively multiplayer online game Lineage II. The expansion is planned for release later this year.

“Players have been treated to a sense of peace since Shilen, the Goddess of Destruction, sent Lindvior to destroy Aden some time ago. While the citizens and heroes of Aden welcomed the respite, come the release of Valiance, they will find it a brief one, as old threats resurface and battles long thought won begin anew. Players deep into the game will find themselves faced with new challenges and experiences that will push their skills and dedication to the limit.”

The Valiance expansion for Lineage II features the return of the Hellbound zone with updated areas and new hunting parties. A “major overhaul” of the game’s skill system is also featured, as well as 25 new skills.

In addition, a new abilities system will be introduced to Lineage II through the Valiance expansion that promises to allow players to customizes their skills as a means to make them more powerful. Lastly, NCSoft said “some” popular bosses from Lineage II’s past will return in the upcoming Valiance expansion.

Lineage II launched ten years ago in Korea and is in its ninth year in North America. The game adopted a free-to-play business model in November 2011.

Source: GameSpot

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