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The Order: 1886 cowritten by Emmy winner

By: Eddie Makuch


2014 PlayStation 4-exclusive The Order: 1886 is being co-written by Kirk Ellis, who won an Emmy Award for his work on HBO’s miniseries John Adams, which starred Paul Giamatti as the second president of the United States.

“The funny thing about it is he’s not a game guy,” Ready at Dawn cofounder Ru Weerasuriya told Game Informer. “And I think everybody would’ve expected us to go with a game scriptwriter. My only request for a scriptwriter was ‘I cannot have a game person be there.’ We can bring the game side of it; I want him to bring something completely fresh, like something we might miss.”

Also in the interview, Weerasuriya revealed that The Order: 1886 was originally called Requiem. He said he pushed for the title to remain, but The Order: 1886 was ultimately deemed a better choice because it was more representative of what the game’s idea is.

The Order: 1886 was announced during Sony’s 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing in June. A third-person shooter with a “filmic” presentation, the game is set on London 40 years after the Industrial Revolution. Though the game will not feature a 1:1 mapping of London, Weerasuriya explained that the studio is attempting to “stay as true as possible” to it.

No gameplay from The Order: 1886 has been released yet and it is also unclear if the game will have a multiplayer component.

Source: GameSpot

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