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Week 43 2013 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

image Green Lantern: New Guardians #24

Lights Out: Part Three: Gods and Monsters

I’m not really following the lights out story line, but this issue was very good.  Now, all in all, I haven’t been fond of Hal Jordan since he sent Guy Gardner   to spy on the Red Lanterns to satisfy his own paranoia, but with the destruction of Oa and the arrival of the entities of the Lanterns, emotionally, he seems to be letting his paranoia get the better of his and become an idiot.  After the entities possess Kyle, Hal Jordan tries to attack him.  Um yeah, Ion, the Entity of Willpower is there inside Kyle as well.  Seriously, that was the stupidest part of this issue.  Carol does the same thing.  I guess they’re really made for each other.  In any case, Hal trying to lead the Green Lantern corps against Kyle was incredibly stupid and I found myself wanting to punch him in the face.  His character has just become incredibly annoying, paranoid and stupid.  Kyle is honestly one of the best characters in this series and this comic really highlighted it.  He keeps such an open mind, which would explain why he was chosen to be the white lantern.  The writing is solid and characterization is as well.  So far, another great issue in this series.




image Red Lanterns #24

Lights Out: Part 4: Blood Brothers

In the last one, you saw how I said I wanted to punch Hal Jordan?  Well Guy does it for me.  Yay!

So anyway, last issue left off with Bleeze coming overhearing Guy Gardner’s last communication with the Green Lantern Hal Jordan.  With the knowledge out in the open and with Guy in charge of the Red Lanterns.  Hal Jordan’s paranoia and fear have led him to go to the planet of the Red Lanterns in search of their aid.  So Guy makes a deal with them and now they are in charge in leading the charge against Kyle, Relic, and the New Guardians who have more morals and acknowledge emotions.  These little blue guys I like.

Personally, my favorite segments, in both art direction and writing, were the frames with Dex-Starr and Atrocitus.  The dialogue was just so adorable and sweet and the way the art team decided to go about drawing Atrocitus cradling him, that was just priceless. Nothing bad may never happen to Dex-Starr…again.  He’s such a cute kitty. 



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