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Week 43 2013 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

imageThe Flash #24

Reverse Conclusion

Other than the writing, the best part of this comic is the artwork.  The angular finishes make it look so animated, so full of life, something we need in the comic book world.  Although it is only a comic book, the narrative and way the artwork flows from page to page make it seem as though I am watching a Saturday morning cartoon.  The dialogue is good, and the narrative, both bring to life the character that is Barry Allen/The Flash.  It’s an amazing comic even if is slow at times. But that works in favor of this issue.  The issue highlighted how important story is to the writers.  Not every series is action packed, but considering that The Flash is the fastest man alive, it makes sense that the writers would slow down the story, so that the readers and further understand just who Barry Allen is as well as the Flash.

Back to this issue, last issue we found out that Iris’ brother, Daniel, was the Reverse Flash.  He was killing people because he was stealing their speed force in order to obtain the ability to turn back time, kill his father, and save himself and Iris the hardships they suffered at the hands of him.  Of course, that didn’t go as well as he had hoped and further traumatizes his younger self.  All that allows Barry to make things right and send Daniel to prison for the crimes he committed.  Patty and him seem stronger than ever and make the perfect couple.  If they break them up, I will not be a happy panda.



imageBatman/Superman #4


Reading this issue really shows us why Darkside failed on Earth 1 and why he won on Earth 2.  The younger ones are ruthless, more cunning, and more readily able to do everything in their power to save the world, regardless of the safest way to do it.  They’re reckless, but then again, youth makes you reckless.

All in all, this was a good prequel story that connects both Earth 2 comics and Justice League.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I loved the style of the artwork because it’s different.  I’ve never seen such smooth lining and beautiful inking.  Everything about this issue was just so smooth and wonderful.  It really was a good way to kick off this series by connecting it to other storylines.  All in all, a good series.  Hopefully this creative team will stay on it because they have me hooked.  At least the artwork does.  It was funny how the writers made the older heroes like parents, scolding their children and seeing what they were like at a younger age.  It was amusing, but overall, it was a slow paced story line.  Like I said, the artwork is what really grips me.



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