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Monday Night TV (4 Nov 2013) | TV Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

image Genre: Crime procedural, Comedy-drama

Starring: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin, Eric Millegan, T. J. Thyne, Jonathan Adams, Tamara Taylor & John Francis Daley

“The Nazi on the Honeymoon”: That was certainly amusing, and quite unexpected.  So Brennan and Booth are on their honeymoon in Buenos Aires, but while Booth can take a breath and do nothing, Bones finds herself unable to do such.  So they take a trip down to the morgue, for Bones so that she can see the excavation project and low and behold, they find themselves thrown into the midst of a murder mystery.  That is how they spend their honeymoon, a part from one another, and they are perfectly okay with it.  This is what made them fall in love after all.  So other than that it was a hilarious episode because every one there seems to have read Bone’s novels and they all love Booth’s character and Booth himself.  So he feels super special and like a celebrity.  It was a hilarious episode over all, aside from the murder that is, but it was a Nazi, a cruel one, so one can find the lack of sympathy understandable.  Still a charming show.  Mondays @ 8PM (EST) on FOX.

image Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Horror

Starring: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, John Cho, Clancy Brown & Lyndie Greenwood

“The Sin Eater”:  YES!  I have waited three weeks for a new episode.  Three freaking weeks and let me say, it was so worth it.  In last night’s episode, the free masons, the descendants of those who were Crane’s brothers, kidnapped Ichabod Crane. He was kidnapped to determine if he truly was the true Ichabod Crane, leading the show to recount the sin that marks his soul, thus making his tie to the Headless Horseman stronger.  My god, that was an intense episode and I surely loved it.  It was awesome, simply awesome.  It was a historical episode that showed us more of Crane’s past, including how he met Katrina Van Tassel.  This show is a wonderful twist on the story that has been told again and again.  The story telling and the action make it unique and a thrill ride.  Everything about this show is awesome.  Mondays @ 9PM (EST) on FOX.

image Genre: Crime drama

Starring: James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold, Ilfenesh Hadera, Parminder Nagra & Harry Lennix

“Frederick Barnes”: James Spader is awesome.  That should sum up the show perfectly but it doesn’t.  The writing and direction of the show was great.  More has been revealed in this show, a small glimpse into the past of Reddington.  I wonder though, is Lizzie really his daughter.  The thought of their connection seems too obvious making it seem as though it were too good to be true.  I mean, what is really going on with the pair of them, what is their connection.  Beside the action in this show, the chases, the mystery of Reddington’s connection with Lizzie is by far the most gripping part of this show.  That mystery is just written so well, it’s subtle and intriguing and simply sucks you in.  Who doesn’t like a good mystery behind a solid story?  Mondays @ 10PM (EST) on NBC.

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