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Week 44 2013 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

image Teen Titans Annual #2

My Future, My Enemy

Okay, so this future cannot be the future of earth 1 because as events are right now, Gar is red, no longer green, and Rose was stabbed to “death” by her own father.  So again, not sure what exactly was happening in this issue.  It felt rushed, as though the author was trying to shove as much information into these 44 pages.  It didn’t work.  This was a letdown, another let down.  Every time I think I am going to get my Superboy Prime vs. Superboy fight, my hopes are yet again, shattered.  Granted there was a fight, but it was pathetic, it was so small, such a tease and not even a good tease.  The cover is a way better tease than that.

This issue just wasn’t that good.  Too much was thrown into the mix and the writing wasn’t clear enough to make the story flow.  This would have worked better had it been written as a two or three part story.  That is my personal opinion on the matter.  It started out good, but quickly, after page five, went down hill quickly.




image Nightwing Annual #1


Does anyone else think this issue was just ripped from the Superman Animated Series?  I guess the writers just wanted to trade in one Boy Scout for another.  Barbara Gordon is not acting at all like herself here, so the direction that Higgins took her character in this issue are contrary to the Barbara Gordon that is already established, and not in a good way.  She is too harsh, too cold right now, and too juvenile.  Even when she was the Oracle, she as snarky, but she was never cold, never truly harsh and absolutely never juvenile.  She was disabled, but she did not let that stop her.  Nightwing, well, he stayed the same, charming as ever.

As far as Annuals go, even though it was action packed, there was nothing in it that made it spectacular, no additional storyline that would make it stand out.  It was, well, plain.  This could have easily been a two-part story arc.  It added nothing spectacular, just touched back on the enigmatic on again off again relationship that revolves around Nightwing and Batgirl.  Again, nothing new. Fun to read, just not a stand out comic.



image Aquaman Annual #1

A Choice of Evils

DC Universe is like any other genre.  They pick out central characters in history, characters with lore and mythology behind them and make them something knew.  Morgaine Le Fey was not exception to this.  In fact, she was an incredibly principle character before the reboot.  And now she has returned.  Woot woot! Sorry, I just love all that King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table.

They gave her the gold armor that was central to her vanity, and made her more natural, like Mab from Merlin.  So she’s not a villain, she’s just an environmental radical, like Poison Ivy.  Oo they should team up.  Oh my god, how awesome would that be!  Another tangent, sorry.  But it was great, she got into their heads, we were able to see more of Sky who was briefly introduced, she is part of the team.  She was given a lot of character, we finally got to see more of who she, her character and her personality.  That should have been in her introduction, but better late than never.  There was more added to all the characters “The Others” group.  They need to come up with a new name.  All of their inner demons and fears were exposed, raising the tension in the show.  A stand out issue in my opinion.




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