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Wednesday Night TV (6 Nov 2013) | TV Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

image Genre: Superhero, Drama, Mystery, Action/Adventure

Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Colin Donnell, Willa Holland, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne, Susanna Thompson, Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes & Manu Bennett

“League of Assassins”:  Detective Lance got his daughter back, even if only for a little while.

That was such a great episode.  The birth of the Black Canary and the connection Merlyn also has with the League of Assassins.  The Assassins are not only dressed as Merlyn but his trainer has come to Starling City in order to retrieve Sara Lance, now known as the Black Canary.  In last night’s episode it was her flash backs that filled in the show, showing us who she was and who she is now.  That was a nice change of pace.  Over all, this was yet another character driven story line with amazing writing.  It’s hard to adapt such an old comic hero and stay true to the essence, but this show does it flawlessly from character development, writing and acting.  Everyone in this show is awesome and right now everyone involved in this show is too. Wednesdays @ 8PM (EST) on CW.

image .Genre: Science Fiction

Starring: Robbie Amell, Luke Mitchell, Peyton List, Aaron Yoo, Madeleine Mantock& Mark Pellegrino

“All Tomorrow’s Parties”:  Wow, just wow.  That was such a dark episode, it was just, wow.  It was great, well written, really gritty and showed just what happens to these guys when it comes to push and shove.

All the Tomorrow People are trapped underground, living in hiding and it’s starting to get to them.  A reasonable and understandable aspect that would happen considering they are trapped.  But now they all want to go out, Kara included.  They all want to go out, get out and pretend to be normal.  Easier said than done when they all stumble into a trap, betrayed by one of their own.  Kara and John both do the unthinkable.  John has revealed that he can kill while Kara, well, she took away the traitors powers.  That was just intense!  I mean that was just such an intense episode.  Also, finally starting to like Astrid, she’s turning into a loyal friend, which is good.  Just took for freaking long enough.  Character development is amazing, especially in this last episode.  The inner turmoil within each character differs, but together they make the plot flow.  And just like Arrow
, this show is very action packed.  If you had powers, what would you do in their situation?  Fight or hide?  Wednesdays @ 9PM (EST) on CW.

Let me know what you think :)

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