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Week 46 2013 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By:Cynthia A.

Action Comics Annual #2

Krypton Returns Part 1

Well that was certainly interesting.  I miss Ursa, I mean I know it’s the same character with a different name, but I miss the name Ursa, that’s just a cool name!  But whatever, at least her name was the only thing that the writers changed and nothing more.  However, other than that, this was a well written start this 4 part story arc.

For all you DC fans out there you know that this is not the first time that Krypton has returned, and the last time it happened it was a debacle.  However, this time is under entirely different circumstances and threatens to destroy the universe.  This brings together Superboy, Superman and Supergirl, making the three of them, who are not as accepting of one another, come to terms as the Silent Entity of the Universe called the Oracle, sends them to the three major points in time that H’el has disturbed.  I have to say, as far as story lines go, it certainly is unique and written well.  The characters are amazing and it’s about time that the three of them get together in order to save the universe.  Such a Super thing to do.  Over all the writing was solid and the story line has me hooked.



Superboy #25

Krypton Returns Part 2

And as the story continues, the three supers have been separated into three points of Kryptonian history that H’el messed up in order to make Krypton into his own image.  Man, that dude has some serious God complexes.

Now with that in mind, Superboy finds himself on Krypton one week  before the demise of the planet and has found himself face to face with Kara who is not quite fond of him in the present.  But it looks like with this incident that is going to be repaired as soon as possible.  And he has an advantage: not all his powers are gifts of the yellow sun.  Take this TK for example, which he uses expertly in order to fight of the Eradicator and save Kara.  While that is going on, Supergirls powers are fading fast and she finds herself facing the clones, taking them down just to find herself powerless and facing H’el, her ex-boyfriend who feels really betrayed by her.  And then there is Superman who gets his tushie beaten by his own mother…that was priceless.  All three of these story lines going on simultaneously add so much to this story line.  It gives it a solid premise, and the fact that it is going to be short and sweet makes it worth while to read.  Not only that, but the writing is solid.  It flows from frame to frame and from character to character, mission to mission perfectly, adding on top of each other and creating a rich story line that is not out of this world, even given this story.




Let me know what you think :)

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