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Week 46 2013 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual #1

The Hunt for Harley

Harley Quinn is adorable.  So Superman makes a deal with Lobo and basically hires him to capture Harley Quinn.  Why?  Well that remains to be seen.  But see Lobo wants payment, and the payment is the pill that would make more supermen.  Well he captures Harley and well, she gets her hands on the pill and becomes Super Harley.  Not only that, but she takes down Lobo reveals that she knows who Green Arrow is, becomes fast friends with Canary and Arrow, and gives Lobo a much needed therapy session.  She’s a genius, an adorable genius.  I absolutely love her.

So far, this is the best issue so far.  This series has been lacking in speed as of late, but this last issue was totally work the read and money.  It was hilarious, adorable and really, now Harley Quinn is invulnerable.  Not a fan of her outfit here, but she’s adorable and I love her.  The writing was just fun in this issue, now if only the rest would be.  Harley Quinn really needs to team up with Batman and his team against Superman.




DC Universe VS. Masters of the Universe #2 (of 6)

Justice Denied

He Man killed Superman…no that’s just not…no right?  Superman has healed from much worse in the past.  But then again, that was before the new 52.  Anyway, besides all that, this was an awesome issue.  Giffen is one of the best He-Man writers out there.  He really shows us who the characters are and what makes them so special.  And as for Skelator, well he has the Justice League, minus the awesome Batman, under his spell to capture He-Man’s mother and kill He-Man, while the others are trying to get Skelator to join them and fight off Hordak. Man, Eternia just can’t catch a break can it?

Anyway, the writing was awesome.  Each character from both Universes were expertly written, including Evil-Lyn who no doubt misses her consort Skelator.  The flash of jealously when she finds out that Skelator is working with a much younger sorceress was perfect.  It was subtle and the artwork around the expression was brilliant.  Bringing John Constantine and Madam Xanadu into the mix was also perfect.  This comic (almost wrote show) is far from cheesy.  It’s adventurous and that ending was just wow.  Batman did not look like a happy camper when he saw He-Man thrust his magical blade through his bro Superman.  Tension is rising!





Star Wars #11

A fight against the Empire!  Leia, Luke and Wedge are leading the Rebellion forces as the Empire attacks.  This was such an action packed issue.  From the beginning to the very last minute, including the snippets of Han Solo as he continues to be on the run from Boba Fett who is always chasing after him.  Why not?  The pair are such opposites, both awesome characters; it just makes it a great read.  Everything in this issue brings to life the characters we have all grown to love.  Princess Leia is even more awesome than she was before.  Her strength vibrates off the pages, making her such a strong female protagonist, one of the strongest that I have read in a long time.  Luke and Han are still in their prime, still a bit reckless but also strong and humorous.  This series just continues to be awesome!

The best part however, was Lord Vader who is tracking his son.  He’s following him, searching for him in a way that only he can.  EXCITING!




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