Week 47 2013 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

Supergirl #25

Krypton Returns Part 3

Well that was certainly epic.  It was awesome; Kara has finally revealed her true strength, her humanity and personality.  In the H’el story line we were shown a bit of that strength, of that willpower that will move past her own stubbornness and self-centered attitude.  But in this four part arc, it is really starting to shine.  Everything about it is magnificent.  H’el has come to kill her, to remove her from the equation, but she won’t have it.  With her powers waning, and after she has taken down the clones, she must fight off H’el.  And she is certainly kicking his tushie.  With that being said, she was awesome.

It must be hard to recreate such a character who has had such a full past.  Initially she was hard, she was broken here, and whined incessantly about her new life, making no effort to really try and be a part of something more.  That made her quite unlikable.  But now, there is something likable about her character.  She has been given a new form of strength and is willing to make a sacrifice.  What’s more is that we also see who she was before as Superboy protects her with his life against H’el who almost killed him.  Two sides of her were represented well and really showed a lot of her personality and her strength.  I can’t wait to see how this is going to end though.




Green Lantern: New Guardians #25

All Tomorrow’s Parties

Not entirely sure how this issue fits in with the Relic story line.  Now, while this issue was fun and Kyle was awesome (as usual), the previous issue left off with him wanting to team up with the Relic, going to him to figure out what it is all about.  now this issue seems like a complete engine from the previous issue obviously it just wants to reunite Kyle Faris with Kyle Rayner which is cute and stuff because they make a pair of really great friends but with friends story goes what does that have to do with relic that’s the question. Now this issue was okay to read it. I was looking forward to something that involved Relic, with this issue but was deprived of that, but as an issue, it was good to read. Kyle Raynor is on this planet that seems like a complete paradise one that is absolutely perfect, basically a utopia but no Utopia is ever truly attainable and Kyle figures that there’s something wrong. So he searches the planet and find a portal, a gateway to a sort of parallel universe that is the complete opposite a world in which everything went completely wrong just so that this world could be completely right. But on the other side they aren’t happy anymore and who would be there basically living in the hell on earth, so to speak. And now with this up to it this issue the ones that have sacrificed their future for the perfect future are not happy then come back for revenge. 

As for the writing, it was funny, entertaining, especially the dynamic between Carroll and Kyle.  The part where she called him a complete jerk was priceless and the artwork is better especially in regards to Carol her costume doesn’t look so conservative.  It still conservative but the black that’s usually on it seems to have been hidden for a bit which makes the costume much more likeable however it just looks like a giant suit now it starts at five and below on her boobs but at least it’s not some trashy little thing like it used to be. Overall a good issue but I really hope that this ties into the relic straight line very quickly I miss next month continues after this which looks like it will I don’t know what to do but the storyline needs to reconnect with the Relic story line soon.



He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #8

What Lies Within Part 2

My   biggest issue with this comic is the artwork.  The lining and the shading not only take away from the many action packed scenes, but they also make the scenes look incredibly cluttered, messy.  There are only two exceptions: on page 6 where the shading and the lining add to the scene and on page 7 with the entrance of Moss Man (which is a lame name).  The lining and the shading on those two pages, especially on page 7, add detail instead of hiding it.  But all that lining and all that shading take away from the expressions, take away from the scenes as a whole.  If it weren’t for the writing, this comic would not be worth reading.

The best part of the writing revolves around King Raynor.  Since the beginning of this series, more character and more strength has been given to his character, and it is really highlighted within this issue.  He is leading the charge, not Man at Arms, Teela or He-Man.  The King is leading the army and the fight for the future.  And that is something that has never been touched upon before.  The strength that has been given to his character is so strong that by the end it even seems maniacal. Not only see a goddess about ridding Eternia of the Horde, but he also wants to bring back The Sorceress from the dead and he is willing to enter the 6 circles of challenges of Subternia in order to do it.  The writing really is amazing, but the artwork, while it may have it’s moments, needs to change.


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