Month: December 2013

Alley Cat Allies’ year-end goal

By: Becky Robinson With one day to go until December 31st, we still have $70,385 to raise. I’ve been thinking…. What if everyone reading this took a minute to  give right now,  whether it’s $5 or $50 or $500 or $5,000, so more cats and kittens could be safe and protected in 2014? Imagine how many lives we’d save . How many animal shelters we’d help to end the killing. How many communities that could become safe places for cats and kittens. Today, []

Beautiful Redemption (Caster Chronicles, #4) | Book Review

By: Cynthia A. By: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl Published: October 22, 2013 Publisher: Little, Brown Series: Caster Chronicles Genre: Young Adult, (Urban) Fantasy, Paranormal Romance Ethan Wate gave up his life not only for the girl of his dreams and the love of his life, but also for the Order of the Universe and for everyone he loves.  Now he has woken up in the land between, a world around his own with only one thing set on his mind: to []

Porn discovered on 3DS purchased as Christmas present for 8-year-old

By: Eddie Makuch One child made a surprising discovery Christmas morning. After snapping some images with a 3DS he received on Christmas, Tom Mayhew’s 8-year-old son found various pornographic images saved on the system, WAVY News 10 reports. “He went to play his games, not knowing anything was on it,” Mayhew said. “After a while, [the kids] took pictures of themselves and when the picture was taken it went to a file.” When Mayhew’s son opened the image files, he found a []

Report: China bans Battlefield 4, calls it threat to national security

By: Eddie Makuch The Chinese government has banned Electronic Arts’ military FPS Battlefield 4 because it contains content that threatens national security, the country’s Ministry of Culture has said. The Wall Street Journal points out that this decision is not likely to negatively impact EA’s business because the publisher doesn’t sell Battlefield 4 in China. The ban comes after the release of downloadable expansion China Rising, which features four multiplayer maps on the Chinese mainland. An official copy of the Ministry’s announcement []

More details on free-to-play PS4 exclusive Deep Down

By: Eddie Makuch More details about Capcom’s free-to-play PlayStation 4 game Deep Down have surfaced, thanks to the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, as translated by DualShockers. Perhaps most intriguing is that Deep Down’s procedurally generated dungeons will exist in a shared-world, similar to that of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. While exploring dungeons, players will encounter the virtual corpses of real-world players, and can loot them for equipment. What’s more, Deep Down’s dungeons are built around emotions, called “Memento,” which []

Week 52 2013 | Part 1 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia A. Well folks, here you have it, the last week of comics in the year of 2013.  Hopefully you all enjoyed my reviews, whether you agreed with my opinions or not.  Here’s to the last week of the year and to a bright new year.  Happy Holidays and I hope you a enjoy all the reviews to come.  Happy New Year! Red Hood and the Outlaws #26 Remembering Woohoo!  Jason finally has his memories back!  All right, so if you’ve []

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug | Movie Review

By: Cynthia A. Directed by: Peter Jackson Screenplay by: Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson & Guillermo del Toro Based on The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkein Starring: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Benedict Cumberbatch, Evangeline Lilly, Lee Pace, Luke Evans, Ken Stott, James Nesbitt & Orlando Bloom Following the events of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Bilbo Baggins continues on his journey alongside Thorin Oakenshield and his band of Dwarves on their Quest to take back the Dwarven Kingdom []

Polka Dot

By: Aileen Walden Nature can be cruel. And so can people. So when I heard Polka Dot the kitten survived raging floodwaters and bone chilling cold—only to have cruel hands stuff her into a carrier crammed with trash so she’d be thrown out with the garbage, I knew I had to contact you. I’m Aileen Walden, Director of Community Programs & Support at Alley Cat Allies. Support like yours meant one of our rapid response partners had the resources to respond when []

Why Dark Souls isn’t on mobiles

By: Eddie Makuch Many popular franchises have mobile versions, but From Software’s Dark Souls series is going to stick with consoles for the foreseeable future. Namco Bandai director of global strategy for mobile Alex Adjaj told Digital Spy that the publisher is interested in bringing the franchise to smartphones and tablets, but getting From Software on board is proving challenging. pc zzzx “We’d like to bring Dark Souls to mobile, but it’s very difficult because the guys at From Software are very []

PS4 game Killzone: Shadow Fall free to play this weekend

By: Eddie Makuch The multiplayer component for PlayStation 4 game Killzone: Shadow Fall will be free to play December 28-31 for PlayStation Plus subscribers, Sony has announced. PS Plus members can start pre-loading the game now. Developer Guerrilla Games pointed out to fans that the game’s multiplayer mode is constantly evolving, with new features and content rolling out on a regular basis. “It’s also important for us to reiterate that the Shadow Fall multiplayer experience will continue to evolve and expand with []