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Week 48 2013 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Red Lanterns #25

Sphere of Influence

This comic series needs to stay like this.  It was good before, but now it has gotten even better.  Guy Gardner is leading the Red Lanterns and Atrocitus and Dex-Starr are searching for a way to bring Atrocitus back to power.  Dex-Starr is such a cute kitty!  Nothing bad is allowed to happen to that cute little kit-cat.

Now, what else made this issue amazing, was it follows the events of Lights Out and the Red Lanterns are now the caretakers of Sector 2814, the Sector with Earth within it, and they are now the Law.  Too much goes unchecked and the Red Lanterns are going to do what they do best on the matter: punish those who hurt others.  They aren’t the bad guys here, more like anti-heroes and that’s what makes this story line that much more interesting.  Red Lanterns are awesome, creatures that inspire pity and fear.  The writing, the character designs and the plot line are amazing, making this series all around amazing.




Teen Titans #25

A Good Defense

That was…unexpected.  It’s been touched upon that Bart, aka Kid-Flash, had a dark past that he doesn’t remember, one that has touched upon him.  But now, more of his origin story has been given more depth.  He was a killer and he was insane.

This issue follows the events of Forever Evil, when Johnny Quick sent them spinning through time, forcing Raven to expend much of her power into getting them all together, landing them in Bart’s time period where they are arrested, well not really arrested, more like taken to holding due to the circumstances of Bart’s past.

And that is when everything is revealed, when they begin to learn the truth about Bart.  It was not a pretty sight which made all the more impactful, jaw dropping.  I’m glad that Kirkham has returned to the creative team of this comic series.  His lines are perfect.  His shading and detail are spectacular and his angling in regards to facial expressions, hair and muscles make it amazing.  With the combination of great writing and artwork, this is a winner.





Justice League Dark #25

Forever Evil: Bight: The Rebirth of Evil

Something that really bothers me is that Asa, the Nightmare Nurse, was originally created as a bond and now she’s a red-head.  It really bothers me when artists can’t decide on a hair color for characters and constantly change it.  So Janin, please return her to her blond, it looked better with her bright purple costume.  That is my only big issue with this issue, otherwise it was good.

As far as the writing goes, this is a Forever Evil tie in.  Swamp Thing, the Nightmare Nurse and John Constantine are pulling their power together in order to stop the evil that is if affecting the planet behind the scenes of the ugly intrusion of the Crime Syndicate.  The world has been pulled out of balance, and they know why.  But they fail, their fears and dark secrets are revealed leaving Jon Constantine with no other alternative: to seek out the Trinity of Sin.  That means The Question, Phantom Stranger and Pandora, the worst sinners of history are going to need to help fight the evil that they helped unleash.

It’s a good story, humorous and action packed.  The writing is solid even if the artwork is not.  But they need to bring in the rest of the team already, including Madam Xanadu, Zatanna and Deadman.  Also, Andrew Bennett would be a very pleasant addition to the team.  It’s just half a team right now and it feels incomplete, often circling around John Constantine as of late, which is repetitive considering he’s got his own comic.  More narration from the other characters should also be included.  This is a team series after all.




Let me know what you think :)

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