Week 48 2013 | Part 4 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Superman #25

Krypton Returns Part 4

…I have issues.  What are my issues?  Oh you know, the fact that Superboy may have been disintegrated.  Yeah, you heard me.  He saved Argo city, it was the bravest, the most heartwarming and gut-wrenching thing to read.  He saved Kara, wiped her memory of him and saved Argo city.  Since the moment of his creation, Superboy has been enigmatic, fun and lost.  He has felt so out of place, and he finally found his place, on Krypton, saving Kara, saving her home, Argo city.  It was so sad, so heartwarming and sad and brilliantly written, but if he stays dead I will go all Supergirl Prime on DC.  Yeah, you heard me!  I don’t care how well you put a story and character together, I will be coming for you—he was just such a great character.

In regards to the other two story lines, those revolving around Supergirl and Superman, they were also put together.  Supergirl’s mind and strength are opened up and her narrow point of view has broadened.  She has an understanding, she is now no longer this pitiful broken character.  Being broken is one thing, but her attitude was always so drab, it took away any charisma.  And as for Superman, he says the iconic phrase that defines his character: there is always another way.  He says this to his father who is prepared to kill H’el, but Superman won’t let him because, in the right state of mind, he will never kill.  And, as always, he found another way and saved the day.

This was a great story arc, but Superboy stole the show—he’s not allowed to stay dead.




Aquaman #25

Death of King Chapter Seven: Baptism of Fire

Aquaman saved the day!  Of course he did right.  As if there was any doubt.

Last issue the true story of his ancestry is revealed. His ancestors, the brother to King Atlan, the true king of Atlantis was insane, paranoid and usurped the throne from his brother, killing King Atlan’s wife and children in cold blood. And now, no longer being able to sleep in peace, he has risen from the dead and searches for the remnants of the seen empire he built.  Aquaman, who has his scepter, and a beard (he participated in no shave November) releases the creatures from the trench and leads an attack, rescuing his beloved Mera in the process.  Those two are just the perfect couple.

Anyway, this was an amazing issue.  The story arc went out with a bang and the fact that Aquaman has a beard is awesome.  He looks so much older, mature and refined with it.  But he shaved it off, due to Mera’s request, and he looks like the handsome young man he is.  What more needs to be said.  It was awesome.  Aquaman swooped in, with the creatures of the trench, earned the loyalty and respect of his people and has the woman he loves close to his heart.  But tension will rise between the lovely couple.  She wants the simple life, she wants to live in their beach house with their dog, away from royal courts, but Arthur can’t leave his people when they need him most, especially with his brother being held in prison as a terrorist.  Which brings me to another point.  Orm is living on land with the family he saved, and something is going on between the air-breather woman and him.  But then Mera’s people swoop in and reveal that they know the location of the Seven Kingdom’s, and that they will help him take back his thrown.  Oh the tension, it’s magnificent.  All the writing here is amazing, the characterization and story-telling are well done.  Is it any wonder why this is one of DC’s best selling comics?  Nope.  Aquaman is not lame.




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