Week 48 2013 | Part 5 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Injustice: Gods Among Us #11

Clash of the Titans

Spoiler: Superman kills again…a member of Batman’s team…Green Arrow.  Yeah, that happened.  With his parents watching!  Begging him to stop.  He’s gone off the deep end, if that wasn’t clear before, it is now.

At least this issue went out with a bang.  In the past few months this comic series has been slowly, deteriorating from the strong beginning and premise based off the best-selling game.  It has been drab, slow, and downright boring.  Even though the writer has allowed for much tension and strife, the only parts captivating in the series, even their attitudes got a little redundant.  Wonder Woman especially has been incredibly unlikable.  But luckily, within the confines of this issue the writer got himself together and was able to put together a gripping ending that tugged at the heart strings.  He put us into the position of the Green Arrow, and he wrote in his parents trying to make Superman stop beating him to death.  He literally beat him to death.  Nevertheless, the narration, it was beautiful as his last thoughts were of Black Canary.

Even though this was a good issue to end this series (hopefully) it still feels as though the writers lost sight of the original project.




Star Wars: Legacy II #9

Prisoner of the Floating World

Okay, now I am buying this series because I’m already knee deep in it, I can’t stop until a story is resolved.  So here I am, buying this series that bores me to death.

Out of all the Star Wars comics, this is the most disappointing.  They finally start a series with a strong woman who is not force sensitive but they forget to give her character any charisma and personality that one would naturally associate with her last name: Solo.  Thankfully, now she has some personality and strength, no longer being that whining kid she when it started, but the story has not improved.  The antagonist is not clearly depicted and the plot line seems to move around, shifting from one destination to another.  While we’re supposed to wonder who she really is, the Sith chasing them, the Sith who seem to have all the power, keep vanishing from the story altogether.  In this issue it was vice verse.  Not to mention she’s sitting in a sinking capsule on a water planet poisoned by the Sith, so that was boring.  There’s no suspense, she’s just sitting there for the whole issue trying to figure out what to do with her friends before her Imperial Knight comrade comes back to save her, bringing with him a whole armada.  Plot hole: as he is being hunted as well by the Sith who have apparently taken over the Imperial Knights, where did he get the Armada?

It’s clunky, boring, and not structured well, and this issue highlights that.  What is an ongoing series needed to be a mini-series like Knight Errant and the others, maybe then the story would be cohesive and captivating.




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