Christmas DLC coming to Borderlands 2 next week

By: Martin Gaston


A third Headhunter DLC pack for Borderlands 2, How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day, will be released on December 17.

The DLC will be released across all of the game’s platforms–PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3–for $2.99/£2.39/€2.99, and will contain a Christmassy mission alongside an unlockable head and skin for each character.

The new mission is set in a town called Gingerton, which is nestled snugly in the snowy area of Frost Bottom. The area also features a carol-singing bandit, christmas trees, and a rampaging monster snowman called Mister Tinder Snowflake.

Defeating Mister Tinder Snowflake unlocks the character head, with a unqiue expression for each class, alongside unique costumes: Salvador gets a Santa outfit, for instance, whereas Krieg has to make do with a gaudy sweater.

How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day follows Thanksgiving-themed Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler and the Halloween-based TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest. Gearbox Software says it will have more Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLC content to talk about in the new year.

Another game set in the Borderlands universe, an adventure series developed by Telltale Games, was announced at the weekend.

Source: GameSpot

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