Uncharted, The Last of Us dev hints at a “very special” 2014

By: Eddie Makuch


Uncharted and The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog has teased that it has some major plans in the works for next year.

“2014 marks a very special time in Naughty Dog’s history and we’ll have more information about what that means early next year,” Naughty Dog said on its website.

The only announced new project from Naughty Dog, beyond new single-player DLC for The Last of Us, is an all-new Uncharted game for PlayStation 4.

However, it appears that we may hear about a second Naughty Dog project in 2014, as the company said it will share news concerning “all our upcoming projects” sometime next year.

Naughty Dog has at least two internal development teams, though it is not clear what the developers behind The Last of Us will move on to next.

Creative director Neil Druckmann said in June that The Last of Us is “ripe for more stories,” though he also explained that, “If we never do a sequel, we’re OK with it, because we told the story we needed to tell.”

The commercial opportunity to make The Last of Us 2 appears to be apparent, as the original game shipped over 3.4 million copies.

Source: GameSpot

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