Week 50 2013 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Justice League 3000 #1

Yesterday Lives!

All right folks, DC Comics has brought to us a new Justice League comic, this one set I the 31st century.  The story within this comic is that the greatest heroes that ever lived are back, and ready to do their jobs.  But these guys are not the same people from the past.  They are clones, created by Cadmus and a pair of twins who are often called “The Wonder Twins”.  See what they did there?  But in their genetic creation, some of their memories are blank, and they have not lived the lives that they had in the past, taking away essential moments in their lives that made them who they are.  That is the biggest issue the Wonder Twins are facing, trying to make this team a family and be who they once were.  Superman refers to himself in third person and is quite the narcissist; Wonder Woman is more of a bloodthirsty amazon than the respectful, honorable warrior; Batman…well he has no motivation; Flash has powers that may kill him and is a bit of a whiner and Hal doesn’t have his ring, instead he has a cloak that makes him look like the Specter.  These guys are so far from who they one were, and that’s why this comic works.  It’s something new, bringing us a different view point of these heroes as we know them.  It begs the question, who are they without these events to hold them together? What made them heroes in the beginning? Those moments, not just their powers.  As Batman proves, you don’t need powers to be a superhero, you just need the will to be one.  Oh and there’s one thing that is amusing as well: Batman and Superman hate each other. A completely new comic with such a different view of who these heroes are.





Nightwing #26

Some Strings Attached

The events of Nightwing seem to be taking place before Forever Evil, which makes lots of sense.  The Mad Hatter has come to Chicago to retrieve his Alice.  We all know the Mad Hatter’s story; it’s quite the creepy one.  The Mad Hatter likes to kidnap young girls, blonds’, and turns them into Alice.  He certainly makes them fall down quite the rabbit hole with his antics to say the least.  The girl in this issue, who is now a criminal going by the name Marionette, is a quick and fast learner, first being known as the Mimic from issue #19.  She’s also a little crazy and talks to herself, as though she has two personalities in one, and considering that she was once an Alice, that is understandable.  Now she has turned to a life of crime, attracting the attention of Nightwing who is living in a three-bedroom apartment with roommates, which was easier said than done.  However, living alone is expensive, as we all know.  So while he is dealing with his secret life as a superhero, with people determined to capture him because they have an aversion for heroes in a masks he has to capture this gal and deal with his life of living apart from the Wayne name. Easier said than done.  The plot twist at the end, bringing one of Batman’s main villains into this comic and in a new setting was a good choice because it brings history into this comic and is a way to bring new villains and new readers to this comic, sucking us into the story and the writing.




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