Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls release date confirmed

By: Martin Gaston


Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls will be released on March 25, 2014, developer Blizzard has announced.

The expansion will launch on PC and Mac, with the standard edition of the expansion being available for pre-purchase now at $39.99. A copy of Diablo 3 is required to play the expansion.

A digital deluxe edition will also be available for $59.99, which features a set of helm and weapon recipes exclusive to the edition, alongside a Spectral Hound minion and three extra character slots.


Buying the digital deluxe edition of Reaper of Souls will also get you an in-game Treasure Goblin companion pet for World of Warcraft, and Crusader-themed Battle.net portraits and Melthael decals for StarCraft II.

The retail collector’s edition, which goes for $79.99, will feature the digital contents plus a Malthael mouse pad, a hardback art book, and a behind-the-scenes Blu-Ray/DVD.

Reaper of Souls introduces a new character class, the Crusader, and a fifth act to the game. The expansion will also be a part of the Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition when it launches on PlayStation 4, though Blizzard is yet to date this version.

The game’s controversial auction house, which has dogged the reputation of Diablo 3 since its announcement, will be closed on March 18.

A closed beta for Reaper of Souls is currently underway.

Source: GameSpot

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