Week 51 2013 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Justice League #25

Forever Lost

The title of this issue should have been titled “The Origin of Owlman”.  That’s what the issue is dealing with, as well as why he had his Superwoman kidnap   Nightwing.  He has always had a sick fantasy, to be the one who needed to be needed, to be the center of attention, so far as to kill the family of his Dick Grayson to have him latch onto him.  However, with a sadistic cruel mother and a pushover dad, well, one couldn’t really blame him.  He even killed his brother, little Bruce Wayne.  He’s nothing but a selfish egotist.  That was redundant, but you understand my point.  That was the point of the issue, he is alone, he has always been alone with no one but Alfred to give him a family, and with Grayson, he found the brother he always wished for, the brother he lost, and the brother he hopes to get once again. It’s a sad pathetic story in regards to the Owlman character, making him even lamer than he already was, but the writing was amazing, as always.  Personally, I am not a fan of Owlman, I think his name is lame and he is lame. I mean really, Owlman? That name does not strike fear into the hearts of men, and in a world where evil is ruling, that should be the goal, right? So I have always thought that he was lame and this story added to his lame character, showing just how needy and egotistic he is on the inside.  It was ingenious to make him like that, to make his so dark and needy, a nice contrast to Bruce who loved family and values it, but who will never acknowledge aloud that he needs it.  More importantly, he doesn’t need to be needed, he just wants to help, to keep his city safe from vagabonds and punks.  He’s not needy, just sad…Owlman on the other, well, I think I said enough about that.

Very well written issue though that showed us his past, the inside of his mind and how he works and that made this character pop from the pages.





Green Lantern: New Guardians #26

Yesterday’s Gone

This was a very chaotic issue, and not just the story, but the way it was written as well.  Everything about it was all over the place.  For the most part it flowed, but scenes there was a lot going on that was not put into the issue.  The characters reference a lot that we don’t see, scenes that would have made the flow of the issue smoother, but instead, they sacrificed what could have been in small frames, turning the reader around.

In this issue, you have a race of beings that all look the same and that go by the same name, except they are from two different universes, so it’s easy for everything to be turned around in this issue.  The flow of the issue was just not well done at all, and the fault with that lies with not only the way it was written, but also with the way that the issue was drawn and framed up.  With a page restriction in mind, they sacrificed good scenes that could have made the story flow better, easier to read and follow the cast of characters.  So the fault lies with the entire creative team in this issue, failing to accurately map out this issue in a way that would make it flow.  Maybe I was just tired because I did read it after work, but maybe not.  Therein lies the issue.

Dialogue was good though, but the end of the issue didn’t feel like it fit with the way this arc started in last issue.  It starts out after Lights Out, out in left field and then the dialogue in the end, comes out of right field.  They don’t match up.  So even though characterization and dialogue were spot on and entertaining, the story has holes that are distracting.  Hopefuly the creative team with smooth out all the rough lines in the issues to come.





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