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Week 51 2013 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Superboy #26

To Hell and Back

Yeah, I’m convinced.  Jon is Superboy Prime, or at least, the new version of him in the new 52. Anyway, in this issue, if you remember from the last issue, Superboy, the original, aka Jon Kent the son of Superman and Lois and monster in the future, has awoken in a different time line with the Teen Titans, more specifically with Cassie standing over him worried sick over her new boyfriend.  So Jon has to try and blend in, pretending to be someone he isn’t.  If my Superboy is dead I am going to be pissed.  Anyway, the lack of tattoo should give him away I think, but that’s my personal opinion on the matter.

It was a good issue that really showed us just how ruthless this Superboy is.  That alone made it a great issue.  There is also the costume design that is reminiscent of the original Superboy from the Death of Superman.  I hope many of you remember that.  This is a story arc full of many twists and turns.  It was well written and structured and the voice from beyond adds to the mystery because we really have no idea who it belongs to, only that it is a voice in his head.  Now the mystery is when are they going to find out this Superboy isn’t their Superboy?






Supergirl #26


This new Lobo is dashing and kind of cool, taking on this new and improved Supergirl.  Well, she’s not totally new and improved, her attitude still needs some adjustment.  But her character development is done well, structured well enough, but her character still leaves very little to be desired as a whole.  Given everything that she has been through, it’s acceptable and understandable for her to be bitter and angry at the world, but unlike with Power Girl who let her cousin in, let a friend in, even before she was teleported into the new world.  Supergirl decides to keep the world at arms length, keeps her feelings bottled up for the most part, unable to let any light into her life and prefers to wallow in her misery.  All her decisions have left her alone, and that is her choice, a choice that ultimately doesn’t make her as appealing as she used to.  Maybe she needs a Wonder Girl in her life?

However, she’s growing, and the growth of her character is exceptional, especially since that first moment where she first entered the new 52.  All the trials that she has been put through have added a lot to her character, not a lot of it has been in a great light, but it has made her different from her previous creation.  While she isn’t fun-loving, she has the strength that makes her admirable, that makes her interesting if not captivating.  Over all, still sticking by this comic because the character growth and strength are aspects worthy of applause at the very least.  Also, Tony Bedard is an amazing writer who does wonders and I can’t abandon this comic if he’s coming on.




Let me know what you think :)

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