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Week 52 2013 | Part 1 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

Well folks, here you have it, the last week of comics in the year of 2013.  Hopefully you all enjoyed my reviews, whether you agreed with my opinions or not.  Here’s to the last week of the year and to a bright new year.  Happy Holidays and I hope you a enjoy all the reviews to come.  Happy New Year!


Red Hood and the Outlaws #26


Woohoo!  Jason finally has his memories back!  All right, so if you’ve been following Red Hood and the Outlaws these past few issues, since Death in the Family, you know that Jason Todd asked for his memories to be taken away.  That left him not knowing who he was or who anyone close to him was.  Then the League of Assassins came and told him that he was their leader, and he went with them, in hopes of starting over.  But then Ra’s Al Ghul has returned, with power of the Untitled, power he didn’t have before, and is more insane than he ever was.  Trapping his friends but giving him the push that he needed in order to get his memories back.  And it worked!  The snarky and determined, a**kicking guy we all know and love, or grew to love.  Whichever the case was, this issue was amazing!  It was non-stop action and his entire life was summed up, a life we comic book nerd know inside and out.  His attitude was great, the dialogue and the artwork was spectacular, capturing the characters perfecting, making this a captivating issue.  It was just an awesome issue and all the lead up to it, all the writing and obvious planning made this arc so worth the read.  A great issue to end the year.





Batman and Two-Face #26

The Big Burn: Ignition

All right, so hopefully the death of Damien Wayne hasn’t made you stop reading this issue.  P. J. Tomasi is one of those amazing writers who captures the essence of the past all the way to the present of comic history.  He captures the heartbreak that characters feel and throws us amazing dialogue to highlight certain mindsets as well as who the individual characters are.  With that being said, he shows us more of Erin’s life, what made her into what she is now and why she hates Two-Face so much.  There is so much story here, outside of the realm of Batman, connecting the lives of Batman and Bruce Wayne.  The story has so much depth and Tomasi does an amazing job of creating such a wonderful and powerful story that is outside of the pain that Bruce is feeling.  This is a story that he is throw into, a story he, in part, feels responsible for.

From the very beginning of this issue to the end, every turn is unexpected, gripping until the very last minute.  This is such an amazing series with Tomasi on the team.  Personally, I hope that he never leaves.




Let me know what you think :)

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