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Week 52 2013 | Part 2 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

Happy New Years everyone!


Justice League #26

Forever Numb

A very interesting issue. Here we see some of the origins of some of the other members of the Crime Syndicate. Grid is trying to feel something in the world, something that will give him a purpose, something that will make him human. While he is watching scenes of horror, he is trying to find some semblance of pity or happiness in all the images. But sadly he finds nothing. This was an issue more about the other members of the crime syndicate and just how evil they are, just how opposite their counterparts they are. But of course Superwoman’s records are gone, so her origin story is left a mystery.

A really good issue that summed up who the Crime Syndicate was through the eyes of Grid as he determines where he is supposed to be in the world. Ingeniously done as a whole and the characterization is amazing. As evil as the crime syndicate are they have one failing that will be their downfall: they are not a family.




Forever Evil #4

Chapter Four: Hide and Seek

All right now, that sounds more like the Bizarro I know and love. As Lex Luther and his team make their move so does Batman and Catwoman and then the pair of them finally meet up, but don’t think the other is a friend, more of a foe. So while they are fighting it out, in comes Power Ring with his team of villains forcing Batman to put on a nearly dead yellow lantern ring. Well that didn’t help much, but oh well, SInestro came to the rescue! As Forever Evil continues to build, the story and the characters continue to develop in amazing ways. The injustice team is getting bigger and bigger as the stakes are rising higher and higher.

But the best part of this issue was Power Ring and how big of a wimp he is. He’s comical, weak and incredibly pathetic. And Superwoman, where we now see where her loyalties lie, with herself as always. The game she is playing is becoming dangerous to all and the eventual outcome I hope will match the buildup. Come on G. Johns, don’t you dare disappoint us!





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