Final Fantasy XV will be shown again when “the timing is right”

By: Erren Van Duine

The last time we truly saw Final Fantasy XV was at E3 and it seems the wait is about to continue. Despite being in development for several years, Square Enix is now asking fans to have patience once again as their media silence marches on – having passed by recent events such as Tokyo Game Show and Jump Festa this past weekend.

According to an interview in Famitsu with director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura, he briefly mentions that the team is still focused on development and he would like fans to wait “until the timing is right to reveal more information.”

With so little to go on, one has to wonder what and when exactly the next bit of information will come on Final Fantasy XV, a game nearing its eighth year since announcement. It doesn’t seem like – despite previous promises that the days of withholding information were at an end – it’ll be anytime soon.

  Source: Nova Crystallis

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