Energy Hook headed to PS Vita and PS4

By: Emanuel Maiberg


Energy Hook, the crowd-funded game from the former technical director and designer of Spider-Man 2, will release on PS Vita and PlayStation 4 at the same time it’s released on the PC, the developer announced on the PlayStation Blog.

Energy Hook comes from the mind of Jamie Fristrom, a 20-year industry veteran who’s responsible for the much celebrated physical swinging system in Spider-Man 2. Fristrom also worked on Tony Hawk games during his career, and Energy Hook, in short, is a combination of the core concepts of those two games.

“Imagine that 3D swinging-and-movement games like Spider-Man 2 and Bionic Commando had a love child with points-for-style games like SSX, Tony Hawk and Project Gotham Racing,” Fristorm said, describing Energy Hook. “You swing from rooftop to rooftop, pull off mid-air tricks, run along walls, and rack up points and energy for doing it.”

Fristrom funded development of the game with an unconventional Kickstater campaign, setting an initial goal of only $1, but ended up earning $41,525 from 1,622 backers. He expects to launch Energy Hook later this year.

Source: GameSpot

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