Preview Monday: BATGIRL #27 and COFFIN HILL #4

By: Alex Nagorski

Here’s an exclusive first looks at BATGIRL #27 and COFFIN HILL #4.

First, in BATGIRL #27, “Gothtopia” allows everyday to start with bacon, eggs, and sunshine for Barbara Gordon. Breakfast with dad is idyllic, and makes her so happy! And when you live in Gotham City and get to play guardian angel with your best friend, your life is practically perfect. Because in “Gothtopia,” Batgirl and Knightfall are known as Bluebelle and Daybreak, and instead of being adversaries, they save lives together. But is all not as perfect as it seems? Is there something fishy in the water, or is it in the Joker-Brand ice cream? Written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Robert Gill, BATGIRL #27 flies into stores this Wednesday.

Then, in COFFIN HILL #4, Eve’s best friend Mel finally emerges from her decade-long fugue state. And she’s perfectly aware that Eve has been sleeping with Mel’s boyfriend, Nate. How much does she know? Did she know about Eve and Nate ten years ago, or did she just find out? And how does Eve know where to look for Danielle’s little sister Bianca? She’s assisting the police on the case of the missing teenagers, and keeps leading them right to buried corpses. Is this one the handiwork of a recent killer, or is it tied to the bloodbath in the woods that killed Danielle? Pick up your copy of COFFIN HILL #4, written by Caitlin Kittredge and illustrated by Inaki Miranda, when it hits shelves this Wednesday.

Source: DC Comics

Let me know what you think :)

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