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Week 2 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Teen Titans #26

You Can’t Go Home Again

That was one heartbreaking issue that, although does not absolve Kid Flash of his crimes, certainly does explain why he committed them.  He let all his anger and all his hate, but more importantly, his love, blind him.  It’s one thing to have one of those aspects control you, but in one combined mixture, is a path straight to the side.  Yeah, wrong universe, but it fits the profile of the issue.

This issue gave more insight into who he was before he became Kid Flash and how he became Kid Flash.  Finally, the writers have gotten to the root of his origin and we finally have a origin story here! After months of teasing us here and there, readers are finally introduced intowho he was and how he got his powers.

But with the lead to that, the way this issue was written, was truly heartbreaking.  The amount he suffered and the actions he took just to survive and keep his sister alive was just heartbreaking.  Kid Flash has always been the comedic one in the team, the one who is jovial and charming and says think like they are.  That has always made his character so strong.  This new story just gave his character more depth.  No longer (as far as we know) is he the descendant of Barry Allen, he is his own hero, and does what heroes do when push comes to shove.  Brilliant issue, artwork is as amazing as the writing and storytelling.





Aquaman #26


That was awesome! Aquaman is by far one of the best comics in this New 52 (not so new anymore but it’s their sale gimmick so let’s just go with it).  So in this last issue Aquaman in the ruling King of Atlantis and Mera is his Queen…well consort really because no one in Atlantis really likes her because she is of Xebel, the Princess and Queen of Xebel to be correct.  Now, as the King he is making moves to protect the surface as well as the underwater kingdom, a fact of which his council does not approve of.  This is creating a lot of tension within the comic, but very good tension that helps to propel the story line and make the writing and story in this comic very substantial.

Aquaman has grown, not only as a superhero but as a character as well and his comic has grown alongside him.  The story line here is building, more focused on his life as a new king and what that entails.  However, he also has to deal with the fact that he is a foreigner in his own land and has to deal with that, has to deal with being looked down upon and regarded as an outsider.  All of that put together creates such a wonderful comic.  All the characters, especially Mera, have so much to offer here because the social environment is just teeming with sharks and animosity.

And now the Kraken will not respond to the kings command as it attacks the land!  That is not helping solidify his royal claim, sadly enough.



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