Valve looking to discontinue Steam Greenlight and Steam OS may have exclusives

By: Justin Haywald


At the developer-only Steam Dev Days event, Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell said, “Our goal is to make Greenlight go away. Not because it’s not useful, but because we’re evolving.”

The news come via a Tweet from Dave Oshry, director of marketing strategy at gaming glasses maker Gunnar Optiks. However, Valve has not released information on what they have in mind to replace the service.

“Steam Greenlight is a system that enlists the community’s help in picking some of the new games to be released on Steam,” according to the official Steam Greenlight website. Users vote on the information that developers post about their game (info, screens, videos, etc.), and when community support reaches “critical mass,” the game is allowed to come to Steam.

Several attendees also shared quotes from Valve hinting at potential exclusives for Steam OS at some point. Oshry wrote the vague statement, “There will certainly be experiences on Steam Machines that won’t be available anywhere else.” And attendee Andy Payne wrote, “Exclusives for @steam_games will be natural and not forced.”

Valve has stated previously they will not create “an exclusive killer app for Steam OS,” but that ultimatum obviously does not apply to other developers.

Source: GameSpot

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