Titanfall closed test gameplay footage leaked

By: Emanuel Maiberg


On Jan. 16 we heard that Electronic Arts was contacting Origin account holders asking them to participate in a Titanfall beta on Xbox One. Not surprisingly, participants in what developer Respawn later clarified was a “limited technical test” started posting gameplay footage to video sharing sites like Vimeo and Blip.

This is a closed test of the game, meaning EA strictly prohibits anyone from posting videos, sharing images, or even talking about it. The test is “strictly not sharable,” developer Respawn said.

What you’ll see in the footage, of course, isn’t representative of the final product. As one software engineer at Respawn pointed out on Twitter, the textures you’ll see in leaked images and videos have been reduced to 25 percent for the test. A 256×256 texture in the test will actually be 512×512 texture in the retail release.

You can find examples of leaked footage of the game here, and here.

Last week, EA and Microsoft announced a $65 limited edition Titanfall controller that will launch alongside the game. Titanfall will be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on March 11.

Source: GameSpot

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