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Week 3 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Justice League 3000 #2

Thinks Fall Apart

Barry is so not allowed to be dead…but besides that, this was another hilarious issue.  Quick recap!  In the last issue we are introduced into the new Justice League who just happen to be clones of some of the greatest heroes: Wonder Woman, Batman (Bruce), Green Lantern (Hal), Superman and The Flash.

However, they are nothing like the heroes from the past. 

These characters are not copies of the original.  They have different upbringings this giving them completely different personalities.  Superman and Wonder Woman are the pair that have some of the more drastic changes.  Superman needs a lesson in humility and Wonder Woman is incredibly volatile.  But it’s hilarious!   Giffen has given these characters completely different personalities, but in a way where they are likable.  Giffen is allowing readers to take a different look at these favorite characters.  What’s more is the fact that he brings fans two famous iconic characters: The Wonder Twins!  These may not be the Wonder Twins from back in the day, but they are The Wonder Twins, albeit, with a twist.  They not only complement the series and they complement the other characters in the series.

This series is fun with solid writing and characterization.  The only flaw would lie in the artwork.  Over all, it’s decent enough, but when it comes to the detail around the eyes, the lining is too dark, obscuring what emotions would be conveyed through artwork.  There are times when it works to highlight and being to light the insanity surrounding the characters, like Superman for example, but most of the time, it doesn’t work, making the artwork look weird.

But really, the story and concept is fun and captivating.  It’s nice to see Superman and Batman squabble so much.




Superboy #27

Mind Games

When reading this issue the reader has to remember a few things:

1. The teen titans are in the future of Kid Flash.
2. This is Superboy Prime…the new Superboy Prime, not Kon.
3. That Raven is not all that she seems to be

As long as you remember these three things, reading this issue is a breeze.   However, should you forget, reading this issue can twist your mind around and make it spin (or it might just be my cold affecting my reading abilities).  The writing isn’t 100% clear to understand.  It takes place all over the place, but it’s hard to figure out if everything is happening in the head or just some frames.  Wolfman wrote this issue with incredibly pace, but the dialogue leaves a lot of holes in the story, leaving a lot of details unexplored making the fast pace jarring.  Dialogue was well done for the most part, but again, it comes across as all over the place, jumping from one standpoint to another one.  Then there   are times frames between pages.

As a whole, the story doesn’t flow.  It’s interesting, from what my sick addled brain can grasp, but again, it’s jumpy and doesn’t flow.  It’s an issue you have to read twice to grasp everything within.

Now the artwork was great.  It was solid, defining, with a good color scheme.  Some problems arose when drawing Raven in her costume.  She is the same age as Superboy and she looks like she’s older.  That’s a problem. It’s one thing to make her sound older, profound, but to make her look older, that is something else entirely.  Cover design is perfect, but interior, not so much.




Let me know what you think :)

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