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Week 3 2014 | Part 4 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Damien: Son of Batman #3 (of 4)

Book Three: If Animals Could Talk

Well that was certainly an odd issue.  Really good, but very odd.  If you’ve been following, you know that Batman is dead.  But not Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson.  Yup, he is dead due to a Joker Bomb.  There was no way to save him, so Damien went on a killing spree, cause you know, he is the son of Talia.  Bruce wasn’t happy about that, they got into a fight, Damien really did a nu  mber on him, hospitalizing his own father.  But finally that knocked some sense into him and he was able to take on the cowl and fight crime.

That didn’t go so well.

Alfred came to the rescue of course and is now in the body of a cat as they discover that someone using Joker’s calling card has kidnapped the grievously wounded Bruce Wayne.

Over all, in just a few issues this mini-series has been able to show such character growth for Damien, the son of Batman.  It’s a fast paced story that highlights just how powerful it would be for him to follow the “honor code”, to live up to what his father created.   It’s still a bit of an odd series to read because the villains are odd, animalistic.  None of them has a definitive human quality that would make them a villain worthy of Batman, or even the name Joker.  What makes villains fascinating is the fact that they are human, warped, twisted, evil and very much human.

Still, how can anyone pass up reading a series about the oh so very awesome Damien Wayne?



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