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Week 4 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


World’s Finest #19

Frist Contact Prelude: Out of Control

This series is amazing.  Recent events have pushed Huntress and Power Girl to take drastic measures in regards to the out of control nature of Power Girls powers.  Power Girl is trying to live in denial of the fact that her powers are threatening the lives of everyone around her as well as threatening who she really is.

The tension between the characters is gripping because it highlights how much the characters have grown since they were thrust into this new world.  What is also does is tighten their bond making them sisters and best friends, the female opposites of Batman and Superman.  The script is well developed and the turmoil and stress that the characters feel leaps off the pages.  The writers are amazing at getting what the characters are feeling off the pages.  These are characters readers pity, love and admire.  They are both strong but fun and complement each other’s personalities perfectly.  Additionally the artist does a great job of highlighting each individual’s emotions.  Simply an amazing comic and the fact that Huntress broke into the batcave and Powergirl is on her way to see Superman, you just know that this is going to be epic…or so fans will hope.





Batman and Two-Face #27

The Big Burn: Ablaze

This is a very deep story line.  It goes back to the beginning of Harvey Dent’s career, flipping back and forth between the past and the present.  None of it goes in order of course, bit if you’ve been reading this story arc, then you know what has been happening and what’s going on.  The hatred between the characters.  The fact the past story lines don’t following order can be a little jarring, but they add so much to the story and build so many questions to hook the reader.  The events of the past build the plot line, making it an interesting read.

Another part of this story arc that makes the story interesting is the fact that Batman is teaming up with one villain to help save another villain.  It’s very interesting how that works and how he also helped shaped the events that turned Two-Face and Erin into the people they are today.  Sure, they had choices that could have made everything different, but with heartbreak and loss, morality goes out the window, and as Batman points out, he understands that as well.

This is such an intense and awesome storyline.




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