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Week 5 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

Justice League #27

Forever Doomed

Cyborg got one heck of an upgrade!  But let’s rewind for a second.  DC Comics has never really shied away from the horrors that villains commit.  Some have been rapist raping the very heroes we love heroes while others murder children.  Those horrors exist out there.  However, the Crime Syndicate has never been as ruthless as they are here, and that is a brilliant way for these writers to go.  The main crime syndicate villains featured in this issue were Johnny Quick and Atomica.  Just think of them as a super powered Bonnie and Clyde.  They are vicious and ruthless and kill everyone who crosses their path, which is of course before they have their twisted sort of fun; that is what makes them characters readers will love to hate.  Atomica definitely makes a better villain than she did a super hero, that’s for darn sure.

But besides that, with these pair running around being evil (no duh) you have Cyborg who barely escaped with his life, getting an upgrade of his choice.  He is leaner, but stronger, equipped with stronger toys and a purpose that will give him a fighting chance against the Grid and the Crime Syndicate.  And he’s going to get reinforcements, the one and only Platinum of the Metal Men, who attacked the Watchtower a few issues back.  Except now they are gone, but where did they go? Obviously, the answer will be in next month’s issue.

Overall a really amazing issue.  Cyborg is an amazing character and Johns is doing an amazing job not only reinventing his character but also making him more than just the Teen Titan he was in the past.




Supergirl #27

The Beast in the Block

Supergirl really does have a lot of anger issues doesn’t she?  Her character had developed so much in the past few issues, especially with the Return of Krypton storyline, but now she seems to have returned to the whiney character she was before.  It’s understandable that she would hold some resentment for Superman, but the main problem with her character is after that whole bonding moment, she lost what was most meaningful to them, what made them connect.

Supergirl is way more selfish than she ever was before the new 52, she doesn’t even bother to give her cousin, Superman, a shot.  That is the one thing that is continually annoying since the very beginning.  She gives no one a shot and that is the most annoying characteristic DC as a whole as given her.

However, despite all that, her rage issues do show readers how complex her character is and how she feels so completely foreign in a world that she is helping to defend.  Her powers are still new to her and her everything is still foreign.  Over all, despite her incessant mopping, which leaves her personality with something to be desired, the complexities revolving around who she is build a lot in the issue.

Also, the writing is solid, but that’s to be expected from the very amazing Tony Bedard.





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