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Week 5 2014 | Part 3| Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

Batman and Robin Annual #2

Batman and Robin: Week One

I miss Damien!  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  But anyway, in this annual, it starts off with a beautiful flashback between Damien and Dick then swings to the present as Bruce is cleaning up and find a box that has a note and label (“The Robin Cave” – if you ask me “The Nest” sounds cooler), that causes Bruce to call Dick and ask what it’s all about.  This is where we readers are told the story of Dick Grayson’s first week as Robin.

As an annual, this was a very well told story, a very sweet story and the writers knew just how to present it.  Tomasi is a genius at writing the dynamic between the characters.  Readers will be able to see it within the writing, in the script and story.  These are the characters we have all grown to love, the ones long time readers grew up loving. The story is action packed, the script is witty and strong, and the overall plot line was wonderful to read.  As a standalone issue, it mimicked what many readers and fans want: the return of Damien Wayne.



Worlds’ Finest Annual #1

First Contact Prelude: The Adventures of Robin and Supergirl

An issue that takes us back to a time before these two gals became Huntress and Power Girl.  The story separates into two stories as it starts out before converging.  Fury, the daughter of Wonder Woman, caused a lot of havoc for Supergirl, killing a poor boy who was trying to protect Supergirl.  As this enraged Supergirl, she went to her best friend, the ever formidable Helena Wayne, for help.

The two girls go on a hunt for Fury, finding her and beating her up.  Nevertheless, Wonder Woman comes into the picture, trying to pry Supergirl’s hands off the vicious girl.  It was quite the catfight in this issue, and all the more awesome because of that.  It’s cool when there’s action, but when there is a cat girl, when girl’s fight, things to absolutely vicious.  It was a fun issue, a great issue that tells readers why the girls have such a close bond and why they are the people they are today.  It’s a way they will be able to relate themselves to Superman and Batman in the upcoming story arc “First Contact”.

Artwork was also amazing, as well as the differences in costume design that are both unique and pay tribute to the first incarnations of the characters.  Especially the Wonder Woman costume.  Huntress and Power Girl are amazing characters in this not-so-new 52 and their past keeps getting more and more interesting.



Justice League Dark #27

Forever Evil: Blight: Redemption

Well, that was certainly unexpected.  The angel Zauriel has teamed up with Pandora and Phantom within the Blight, the entity of all the evil that is within the world.  It rose up and took possession of the boy Chris that Phantom Stranger brought back from the gates of heaven with him.  But of course it was all part of God’s plan so that he could create the entity of Redemption.  Only one who has lost their way then finds the light again can truly understand redemption.

It was a well thought out issue with the nightmare nurse and John Constantine pulling the ranks together.  Constantine is gets so caught up in his desires that his grief and tress of finding Zatanna, the one person that Constantine actually cares about more than himself (something recent issues have pointed out).  His emotions and loss of control of them repeatedly, especially in this issue, is something worth reading because it adds so much to his character and the series.  While the writing in the Constantine comic is lackluster, the writing here is amazing.  The plot line is fast paced and exciting, and sums up whatever events took place in the issues outside of it.  Which will help suck in readers who aren’t interested in Pandora, Phantom Stranger and Constantine.

Character design is amazing, but the one thing that bothers is the fact that they keep switching up the hair color on the Nightmare Nurse.  Just pick a freaking hair color already!  Is she a red head or a blond?  That would really be the big issue here because the plot line and the fact that this is a justice league of magical users who have a bunch of their own issues to deal with, their own demons, and strife between them that makes this series amusing and full of depth.  Seriously, it’s just incredibly exciting to read!



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