Week 5 2014 | Part 4 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Aquaman #27

Life and Death

And of course Aquaman saves the day.    Who had any doubt?  So Aquaman, the king of Atlantis and his court isn’t quite fond of him since he focuses a lot on the safety of the land folk as much as on his own people.  So that is creating quite a lot of tension between them.  There is also the fact that Mera is not one of them either and is his Queen.  But of course her people are the ones who teamed up with the Dead King.  So there is a lot of strife in this series now…and that really is the only reason to keep reading.

While a new mystery has been revealed with the introduction and death of the Kraken, a death that did not please the Atlantian’s, the story over all, was a bit boring.  Aquaman and Mera make a brilliant team and I will personally be pissed if they break them up, but even with their amazing personalities, dynamic and characterization, these past few issues are starting to fall flat.  The dialogue may be witty, but the overall story is boring.  He’s in the mindset of the Kraken for half the issue, watching the past go by.  This just wasn’t as captivating a story as the past issues, but let’s hope the unveiling of this new mystery picks up the pace.




Teen Titans #27

States Evidence

I miss Kon.  Scott Lobdell better be lying or just have a head full of hot air to stay that the replacement of him with Superboy Prime is permanent.  I love Superboy Prime as much as the next person but come on, Kon just found himself!  He is not allowed to be dead.

Now, that that’s over and done with, the way the Titan’s are acting in this next issue was pretty sanctimonious.  Given Kid Flash’s past and his anger with the functionary, his whole attitude is understandable.  He parents were murdered before his eyes or being religious, he had to steal to keep his sister and himself alive, then he had to hand her over to the Functionary, which resulted in him almost killing her in his war.  The Functionary is a tyrant, that much is being said, and if anything, the Teen Titans should stand by his side.  They saw his past, they are seeing the Functionary for what it is, and yet, they are giving him no understanding, only condemning him.  Lobdell has given them no understanding of the situation.  It would have been better if the team split, some on his side, some against, but here they are all against him.  They each are acting all high-and-mighty, when Lobdell established each of them as a hero in the grey area.  That was what made them each so captivating.

I love this series, it’s great, but this last issue, following issue #26, doesn’t fit.  It is off putting while the side stories with Raven and Superboy Prime are boring and have become quite repetitive.



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