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Week 5 2014 | Part 5 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

imageStar Wars Legacy II #11

Prisoner of the Floating World

This series should have been a miniseries.  I keep picking it up and I keep hoping that this series is going to get better, faster in some way, yet, it continues to disappointment me.  The characterization, first, is lacking.  Ania Solo is not that captivating of a character.  While she is far better than she was in the beginning, she really doesn’t have a lot of charisma as a c  haracter.  That problem revolves around much of the others characters.

It doesn’t matter that the plot has a lot of intrigue and mystery to it, without good characterization, this series falls about.  The characters should hook readers; they should make us want to read it.  Except they are not fully developed, character growth is at a standstill, other than Ania, who has grown very little, the other character seem to be exactly the way they were in the beginning, and that is disappointing.  Other series like Legacy, Knights of the Old Republic, and Knight Errant, are able to capture so much character growth in just 5 issues before they cut and start a new miniseries story arc.  This series drags, continuously.  While the plot and story do get interesting, like in this issue, an old flame kidnapped her, unsuspectedly, it doesn’t move at a fast pace.  All the action, if there is any, is slow at best.

This series is not up to par with any of the other existing Star WarsComics.




imageNight of the Living Deadpool #1

Part 1

This comic has two awesome components: zombies and Deadpool.  Deadpool was amazing, the merc with the mouth has no one to annoying with all his talking.  But of course he has his readers, who he talks to with breaking the fourth wall.  Another point in the comic that makes any Deadpool comic a fun read.

As he awakens from a food coma, he discovers that the world has ended, then he goes back into his memory to analyze the signs of the zombie apocalypse.  Of course, he was oblivious of the matter, while people around him screamed the usual zombie signs.  Deadpool, he is one funny dude.

The snarky characterization and the macabre artistry make this comic worth reading.  It was a fun issue and well worth the read.  It was fun, fast paced, and the narrative was hilarious and awesome.  You can’t go wrong with Deadpool.



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