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Week 7 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


The Flash #27

History Lessons Part One

As long as Party and Barry are still together, I think that I will be fine.  Anyway, in this last issue, a mass grave full of bodies that may have been the result of one serial killer. But the problem is that some of those victims were reported missing after years after the man was in prison. And here’s more, they happened in Barry’s neighborhood around the time when his mother was murdered.  How’s that for interesting.

A well-written issue all around. This issue also highlights the father son relationship that Barry has with this father.  Readers and fans get to see the dynamic and the torment between father and son. What readers also get to see is the type of strain Barry’s obsession with clearing his father’s name puts on the relationship. That just adds a lot of power to the story.

The spooky effect that the writer is going for here is mysterious and different. After Flashpoint his mother’s murder is a mystery again so the question is he going to close that chapter of Barry’s life now with this or not? But as an issue the theme of obsession covers all characters and sets up the premise tying the beginning to the end.




The Star Wars #5

Worst script ever. I have never been more glad than I am at this moment that this was just the rough draft of the Star Wars screenplay, buy still, did the adapters have to keep the bad script. Oh the moment that she says he loves Him and the way she says it, the way it is written is just so bad! Then when the young Jedi mulls over his own feelings and says that he loves her back, written just as bad. The characterization here is just as bad as the dense script.

This comic just makes readers and fans so thankful that this did not end up on the screen.

Thankfully, though the story is redeemable. But how could it not be. Here you have the rough skeletal version of what fans across the world know of.  Jedi fighting against the Sith who rule the galaxy. As interesting as this story is though, the god-awful characterization and script are incredibly off putting. I think I’ll watch A New Hope.





Damien: Son of Batman #4 (of 4)

Book Four: Full Circle

I love Damien and this was a great miniseries, but that ending was not the best it could have been. Mr. J has come back, the original and he was able to take down the imposter who had taken his name. That was the beat part of the issue. Of course seeing Damien taken down villain after villain to save his father was amazing. And the narrative behind that action was greatly out together. As a character and as Batman Damien really grew so much in these past few issues and that alone made this series worth it. Fast paced and incredibly written, this story gave fans a look of how Damien would take on the cowl and why he would. It also showed fans his relationship with his father and how torn it is.

However, that ending was still a bit dull compared to the rest of the issue but the script and the artwork will make any reader smile. In one single frame Damien’s persona and attitude is captured beautifully.



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