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Week 7 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

Earth-2 Annual #2


That actually wasn’t half bad.  Of course, everyone already knows who Batman of Earth-2 is due to that spoiler on Twitter, and that had me miffed initially, because the whole reason Batman became Batman was because his parents were dead.  However, despite my own reservations, I cannot dispute how well this issue was.  Additionally, Tom Taylor addresses the fact that what his father has become, this monster bent on revenge, angers Bruce.  His father chose a life of revenge over being with his son.  Plain and simple, he took the cowardly way out, and he left his so traumatized by the death of his parents.

It was a well written issue that tied Thomas Wayne into the character of Deathstroke, in a sense and it made the character more interesting.  If any DC fans out there remember flashpoint, Thomas was Batman and Martha was the Joker while Bruce was the one who was gunned down in the alley.  In Earth 2, readers are seeing a different outcome of those events and seeing that there was a reason behind it, that it wasn’t some random mugging.  All in all, a decent issue.





Earth 2 #20

The Dark Age Part 4

Aquawoman is so cool.  I guess is doesn’t matter which universe her character is written she is able to astound readers with her powers. This issue is a prime example of what Aquawoman is capable of and shows readers and fans different forms of her abilities. She literally drowned parademons in the sky by summoning all the moisture in the air. That was amazing. Dr. Fate is still speaking on riddles as to the reality of the situation, which is still confusing to his companions, but for readers, who are able to see the scenes that are based off those snippets, it’s easy enough to figure out what is going to happen.

Now, this all that pointed out, this series is dark, but so noticing to read because of that. All the dark story lines and the fact that Superman is now the herald of Darkide is incredible to read. That alone makes it exciting! Then Lois Lane as the Red Tornado, brilliant move. This series keeps building in momentum and continues to get exciting. One of the best series out there.





Red Lanterns #27

Hot and Cold

Why did does Guy have facial hair? I can dig the long hair, that looks great on him, but I’m not a fan of the mustache.  Eh, I guess I’ll get used to it. Anyway this issue has brought back Ice from Justice League International (let’s not eve discuss that debacle).  Even before the reboot, these two had chemistry, and now after the reboot, the series is sort of putting them back together…well not just yet.

While two other Red Lanterns are touring the world, xenophobic Shadow Thief ambushes them and because she is nothing but shadows, the Red Lanterns have no way to fight her, so of course they call in Guy who is trying to prove to Ice that he is a changed man and won’t solve every problem with a punch.

So yeah, that was hilarious.  Even if the outcome was not what he had wished, it was still a fun issue to be a part of.  The Red Lanterns have their funny characters that build the team and with Guy as the leader, this is an amazing series.  All the while, Bleeze and Rankorr find themselves face to face with non-other than Atrocitus and Dex-Starr.  Whose excited for that?  This gal!



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