Week 7 2014 | Part 5 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Grimm Fairy Tales: OZ #6

Part 6 (of 6): Death in the Emerald City

I did not see that coming.  The Tin Man was the bad guy while the Scarecrow was the good guy!  Of course, the writers made it a bit too obvious to suspect him so that made it obvious that he wasn’t the bad guy, but really, the Tin Man!

Now, as good as this adaptation was, it left many questions unanswered.  What made Dorothy so special that she was able to wield the scepter and where exactly did the Scarecrow come from?  The story ends uncompleted, almost as though the writers knew they had to end it with Dorothy going home, but not knowing any of the answers to their own story.  So that left me personally wanting more because the dialogue was good, it wasn’t full of clichés or cheesy, and instead captured the characters very well, and the story was unique while also following the original story template.  Over all it was a decently written comic book, but in the end, it left a lot of loose ends that really should have been addressed to as least make the story come full circle.

A future mini-series is in store (hopefully).






Star Wars #14

Five Days of Sith Part 2 (of 2)

Silly Storm Troopers thought they could take on Darth Vader just because they were following Palpatine’s orders.  Such stupidity was justly awarded.  Big Vader fan here, but then again, who isn’t?

Anyway, this issue picks up where the last left off, following Vader and an officer as they embark on a secret mission to find the traitors and destroy those who made a fool out of Vader.  From the point of view of the officer, readers are subjected to what she sees.  This two-parter was obviously written for Star Wars fans and Darth Vader fans to showcase how a defeat really affected Lord Vader and his place with Palpatine.  Readers and fans also get a look inside how his head works and the effect he leaves on people, even if he is in their company for such a limited time.

A good issue, short and sweet, but in this issue the main point of the secret mission seemed to be lost, in fact it doesn’t even feel completely.  Nothing about it felt complete which was the part that sucked about it the most.  I mean, you have this powerful figure and yet the story revolving him isn’t really flushing anything out.  Instead it glosses over character development and story just to showcase how intimidating he is and powerful.  But other than that, it was a very two-dimensionally written two-parter.  When given such a powerful character the story should be just as powerful, no matter how short it is.





Elf Quest #1

The Final Quest

This may look like a cutesy comic issue that you could probably give your children to read, but it is not.  Far from it in fact.  The story tells about the elves as they struggle for survival against the humans who seek to take the land from them and claim it for their own.  The elves initially are out in the forest to keep their fading skills sharp.

But the forces around them are working against them, and with one of their own murdered by an elf trained human, things have finally become even more complicated than this band of elves could ever imagine.

All these characters bring to life differences amongst their kind, but they have such a deep foundation and relationship with each of the others.  It was such a fun issue and the artwork had the sort of cartoonish feel of the original Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, coupled with a deep and intense story line.



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