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By: Becky Robinson, President and Founder | Alley Cat Allies


Some officials in a Michigan community are going on a rampage against cats.

Macomb County Animal Shelter recently adopted important lifesaving policies for cats—but a group of cities in the county are rebelling. They want to keep killing cats.

This shows that even when communities make progress, some cling to ineffective policies. Policies that cause cats to be killed.

Killing cats can never be the answer. With cats’ lives in danger in this Michigan community and around the country, we need your help. We must continue our work expanding education efforts and helping communities nationwide implement humane programs that save cats’ lives.

You’ve been there for us before, and it means so much, but we urgently need your help again to save cats’ lives. We need to raise $51,107 by February 28 – can you make another contribution today?

Click here to donate $35 or more to help Alley Cat Allies stop the killing of cats in Macomb County and communities nationwide.

We’ve been working with the Macomb County Animal Shelter to expand its humane programs. The shelter no longer kills feral cats, and instead protects them through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

The county’s shelter and officials are on board. Like you and me, they want cats to be protected. Despite all this support, a few cities within the county want to stop using the county for animal control so that they can keep killing feral cats. I’m as dumbfounded by this as you are.

You’ve supported us in the past, but we’re counting on your continued generosity to help us empower communities that are tirelessly fighting for humane policies, expand education efforts nationwide, and be there whenever and wherever cats and kittens need us.

Click here to give $35 or more to help us expand education efforts, help communities nationwide implement TNR, and save cats’ lives.

Thank you for everything you do for cats.

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