Month: February 2014

Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake Discussed by Director – IGN

BY: LUKE KARMALI The director of Final Fantasy VII has admitted that while he “would love to” create a HD remake of the game, there are a number of obstacles standing in the way. Speaking to Eurogamer in his capacity as producer of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Yoshinori Kitase admitted that he would love to do a remake, but it would be an enormous undertaking… Full story here:

Coming of Age in The Last of Us: Left Behind – GameSpot

By: Tom Mc Shea The following editorial contains spoilers for both The Last of Us and its recently released downloadable content Left Behind. The Last of Us: Left Behind is remarkable in more ways than you would think possible for a three-hour story expansion. Ellie cements her place as one of gaming’s most well-realized characters here, and though some of her personality building stems from the quiet cinematics where I was just an interested observer, Left Behind doesn’t end her development there. []

2D Platformer Mutant Mudds sold more on Wii U than Steam, PS3, PS Vita combined – GameSpot

By: Emanuel Maiberg Wii U’s sales numbers might be dismal, prompting Nintendo to slash its sales projection for the platform this year by over two thirds, but it’s the best platform in terms of sales for at least one developer. Co-founder and director at Renegade Kid Joos Watsham has said on Twitter that the developer’s Mutant Mudds, a 2D platformer, has sold more copies on Wii U than the combined sales on Steam, PS Vita and PlayStation 3. Full story here:

Halo 5 coming to Xbox in 2015 according to Master Chief voice actor [UPDATE] – GameSpot

By: Zorine Te [UDPATE] Following the publication of this story, Halo voice actor Steve Downes and Microsoft issued new statements to GameZone. “It sounds like I was ‘confirming’ [an] H2A edition, which I most certainly was not,” Downes said. “I’m in no position to do that as I have no knowledge of it. I was only mentioning what I had seen on line about it.” Meanwhile, Microsoft’s statement for Downes reads: “I think you’re ahead of yourself on H5. I have read []

Week 7 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A. The Flash #27 History Lessons Part One As long as Party and Barry are still together, I think that I will be fine.  Anyway, in this last issue, a mass grave full of bodies that may have been the result of one serial killer. But the problem is that some of those victims were reported missing after years after the man was in prison. And here’s more, they happened in Barry’s neighborhood around the time when his mother was []

Everything is awesome! | Cyn’s Movie Review of The Lego Movie

By: Cynthia A. Directed by: Phil Lord & Chris Miller Screenplay by: Phil Lord & Chris Miller Story by: Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Phil Lord & Chris Miller Based on Lego Construction Toys Starring: Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, Charlie Day, Liam Neeson & Morgan Freeman In the Lego universe, an ordinary mini-figure named Emmet is mistaken as being the Special (the greatest Master Builder who can save the Lego universe). With the help of []

Xbox, PS4, and PC game Evolve promises “evolution” of multiplayer – GameSpot

By: Eddie Makuch Turtle Rock Studios, creators of the original Left 4 Dead, today released the first gameplay trailer for the company’s upcoming Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC shooter Evolve. On top of that, we got a chance to play the 4v1 action game and you can read our in-depth coverage, courtesy of editor Mark Walton, right here…. Full story here:

Steam introduces tagging system for games and software – GameSpot

By: Zorine Te Valve has launched the beta for a new tagging feature on its digital distribution platform Steam. The system, called Steam Tags, allows users to add text tags to individual games and software on their associated Steam Store pages. Users are being encouraged to tag entries with both genres and descriptive attributes. Tags can then be used to browse the Steam Store… Full story here:

Left 4 Dead developer talks about why it split from Valve

By: Martin Gaston Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of Evolve which at one point was owned by Valve, has spoken about why the developer decided to leave the Half-Life and Steam creator and go it alone. “We had a really great working relationship with Valve for like six years as an independent studio,” said studio cofounder Phill Robb in an interview with Eurogamer, talking about the time that Turtle Rock Studios developed the original Left 4 Dead. Following that game, Valve purchased []